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Feb 17, 2019
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Jordanian Analyst Khaled Al-Majali: Our PM Has No Real Power; All He Can Do Is Tweet

#7033 | 01:24
Source: Jordan Today TV

Jordanian analyst Khaled Al-Majali said in a February 17, 2019 interview on Jordan Today TV that Jordanians wrongly blame the government for security problems and that prime ministers in Jordan do not have any real authority. He said that Jordan’s internal policies have brought the youth to the point that they are willing to use drugs, kill, plunder, rob, and join extremist organizations, and that the Jordanian people have no executive authority to hold accountable and no parliament that truly represents them.

Following are excerpts:


TV Host: The Jordanian citizens are angry and blame [the government for the security problems]. They are now aware of what is happening.




Khaled Al-Majali: Does a prime minister in Jordan really have any authority? We are lying to one another if we say he does. Would the prime minister dare to summon the Chief of Staff? Would he dare to summon the head of the Intelligence agency?




We say that the future belongs to the youth and that we want to empower them, but we have ruined our youth. We have brought today's youth to the point that they are willing to use drugs, to kill, to plunder, to rob, and to join extremist organizations, as a result of our internal policies… And then we blame the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister wrote this tweet because there was nothing else he could do. When the Minister of State for Media Affairs makes a statement, she repeats exactly what she is told to say. We do not have an executive authority we can hold accountable. Unfortunately, we do not have a parliament that truly represents the Jordanian people.

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