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Jul 16, 2017
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Jordanian Parliament Salutes Perpetrators of Jerusalem Terror Attack, Prays for Their Souls

#6123 | 01:37
Source: The Internet - "Jordanian Parliament Account on YouTube"

In a session of the Jordanian House of Representatives, Speaker Atef Tarawneh called the perpetrators of the July 14 shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem "martyrs, who have watered the pure soil of Palestine [with their blood]," and said that they were "worthy of pride and glory," before calling on the MPs to "pray for the souls of the martyrs." Footage from the session was posted on the Jordanian Parliament's YouTube channel on July 16, and was later removed.


Atef Tarawneh: "We pray for our martyrs, who have watered the pure soil of Palestine [with their blood]. We can raise our heads high because of the sacrifices of the Palestinian youths, who still struggle on behalf of our nation.




"Behold, the Palestinian youth form the necklace of martyrdom out of the beads of their lives and their great sacrifices. They are alive, sustained by their Lord. May Allah have mercy upon our youths from the Jabarin family, whose relatives are worthy of pride and glory, even if the occupation hates it and its oppression runs amok. My colleagues, the attacks by the Israeli occupation against the most holy place in Jerusalem – against al-Aqsa and against the holy Haram of Jerusalem – will remain cause for the continuation of the resistance, which will not subside in the face of injustice and tyranny.




"With your permission, my colleagues, let us pray for the souls of the martyrs."


(Members of Parliament stand for a moment in silent prayer.)


"Does the parliament adopt this statement? Does the parliament adopt this statement? I thank you."


(Those in attendance applaud.)

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