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Feb 02, 2015
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Jibril Rajoub: Israeli Leaders Are Like Nazis, Abbas Is on Their Hit List

#4759 | 03:30
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Jibril Rajoub Fatah Central Committee, which aired on Russia Today TV on February 2, 2015:

Jibril Rajoub: [Israel] is a rogue state. The Israeli government follows the mentality of a local hoodlum. It practices official terrorism, violates human rights, and ignores all UN resolutions. Netanyahu is a distorted replica of the Nazism of the 1940s. He has found himself isolated, because people realize the danger that his racism and fascism poses to peace and global stability. He reacts to the crisis in this fascist, Nazi, racist manner. This should serve as a message to the international community: The time has come to show the "red card" to this entity [Israel].


Sooner or later, the ICC – by force of law or of its values – will have to take measures in order to expose this entity, which has become like a naked microbe, because the swamp in which it lives has dried up. Thus, it has become exposed to the international community.


Netanyahu follows the Nazi model. He talks about security. When Hitler occupied Poland he also used security as a pretext. At the same time, he behaves as if the Palestinian people does not exist.


Interviewer: Whenever something happens, Israel blames Mahmoud Abbas and issues threats. Should these threats be taken seriously?

Jibril Rajoub: Listen, every Palestinian is a target for these neo-Nazis, in an attempt to break his will, and to strip him of his national and human identity.


Madam, Mahmoud Abbas commands the battle with wisdom and balance, and he besieges the occupation. This is a death blow to the racism, Nazism, and fascism of Bennett, Netanyahu, and their gang of followers. Mahmoud Abbas is a threat to them. He is a threat to their racism and fascism. Therefore, Mahmoud Abbas ranks number one on their hit list.


Of course we take these threats seriously. These are the slayers of the prophets. These are the people who killed Arafat, killed Ahmad Yaseen, killed Abu Ali Mustafa, and arrested Marwan Al-Barghouthi. They did not leave any leader or citizen unharmed. We should assume that any Palestinian constitutes a target – at least any Palestinian who poses a threat to them. In my view, Mahmoud Abbas, with his conduct and international reputation, poses a threat to the neo-Nazis in Tel Aviv.


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