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Sep 17, 2023
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Jenin Islamic Scholar Abd Al-Rahman Al-Zayoud Slams UNRWA's New Code Of Conduct That Recognizes Gay Rights: In Islamic Society Homosexuality And Lesbianism Are Punishable By Death

#10486 | 01:35
Source: Online Platforms - "Aqsa Call on YouTube"

Palestinian Islamic scholar Abd Al-Rahman Al-Zayoud said in a mosque address in Jenin that was posted to the Hizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated Aqsa Call YouTube channel on September 17, 2023, that the UNRWA's new Code of Conduct for its employees recognizing gay rights is an indication that UNRWA wants to strip the Palestinians of their religion. He also questioned what the UNRWA wants from Palestinian society, which is Islamic and in which homosexuality and lesbianism are punishable by death.

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Zayoud: "UNRWA, which ostensibly serves the refugees, has circulated a 69-page Code of Conduct to its employees, in which it called on its employees to respect the homosexuals and their rights. If this call clashes with the 'local culture'...

"What is the local culture? The Islamic culture. If this call clashes with the local culture, the laws and covenants of the United Nations - which call for homosexuality – must be followed. So what do they want from us? What do they want from this society that follows the Islamic culture, which sees homosexuality and lesbianism as punishable by death? They want us to respect this and strip us of our religion."

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