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Mar 27, 2024
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Al-Jazeera Report On Mass Iftar Banquet In Rafah, Gaza Strip

#10982 | 01:51
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) aired a report on March 27, 2024 about a mass iftar banquet held in Rafah, Gaza. The iftar is the fast-breaking meal, which is eaten in the evening during Ramadan. One of the organizers told Al-Jazeera that they plan to provide food for needy people in Rafah and people who were displaced from other areas in the Gaza Strip.

Reporter: "This is a mass banquet, organized by a Palestinian family in Rafah's Barbara refugee camp, in southern Gaza Strip. [The banquet] embodies the solidarity and mutual support among Palestinians, despite the harsh circumstances of the people of the Gaza Strip, in light of the ongoing war of genocide and starvation."

Man: "We are a group of young people that formed a team to serve the displaced people. Before people escaped to Rafah, we used to serve the people who live here, but after people escaped to Rafah, we decided to serve both populations – both those who live here and those who escaped here. Things developed and now we are also serving displaced people outside the camp. In light of the harsh circumstances of the Palestinians – ethnic cleansing and genocide – we are doing the least we can do, as you can see."

Reporter: "The meat in the dishes is something rarely seen by people here, because of the lack of livestock since the war against Gaza, which led to scarcity of the various kinds of meat in the local markets, and denied people of healthy and nutritious meals."


Man: "This is a mixture between Ramadan traditions that Gazan families are accustomed to and fulfilling the needs of families faced with hunger, after they were forced to uproot to Rafah, which gives shelter to the largest part of the displaced people."

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