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Mar 07, 2024
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Al-Jazeera TV Airs Video By Gaza Influencer 'Abod' Criticizing American Humanitarian Aid: The Aid Dropped By The 'Great Satan' And Our Number-One Enemy Was 'Paltry,' 'Humiliating'

#10938 | 01:09
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Al-Jazeera Network [Qatar] aired a video by Gaza influencer "Abod," on March 7, 2024 that criticized American humanitarian aid to Gaza. He said that America was the "Great Satan" and the number-one enemy of the Palestinian cause. Abod said that the aid was "paltry" and "humiliating." He added that even Satan would be shocked by the small quantities of aid. Al-Jazeera regularly airs posts by "Abod."

Abod: "Today, I will tell you about the Great Satan and the number-one enemy of our cause – America. America has supported Israel with a variety of equipment, and the most lethal weapons in the world. It supported Israel for free, so it can kill out Palestinian people. Can you imagine? Any resolution to force a ceasefire on Israel, is vetoed by them. It signals to Israel to shed Palestinian blood.

"Ultimately, after five months have passed – we are entering the sixth – America felt pangs of conscience, so it sent some paltry aid, in a manner that is humiliating to people who were saved from a brutal attack. They dropped the aid from their airplanes in very small quantities. People, even Satan is shocked by what they did. Goodbye, brothers."

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