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Dec 24, 2012
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Ismail Al-Wahwah, Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia: We Will Establish the Caliphate, Instate the Shari'a, and Make Arabic the Official Language

#3695 | 05:58
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from an address by Ismail Al-Wahwah, Hizb-ut Tahrir spokesman in Australia. The address was posted on the Internet on December 24, 2012.


Ismail Al-Wahwah: That is the duty of the caliphate – to implement Islam internally and carry the light of Islam to the rest of the world. How? Not with flowers. It was the army of Muslims, which started from Al-Madina, and they went to China, India, and Al-Maghreb. That is jihad.



It is not defensive jihad with you staying in Baghdad, Damascus, and the Levant, and just waiting until someone comes and occupies you, and you are allowed to use some limited [means] to defend yourself. But if you do something else – you are a radical.



If the Islamic nation is attacked – that is what is happening now – this means that Islam is not being implemented in our life. Because if Islam were implemented, you would not be waiting for someone to come and occupy Baghdad, or Kabul, or Jerusalem. You would be in the heart of somewhere else to carry your religion. Is that extremist? I don't care.



There is a political class. This political class, in Muslim lands, from the First World War until today – you have to put all of them into the rubbish. You are not allowed to use one single man from this political class, who was involved in the political life in our countries, in the last century at least. They were agents of the infidels, they worked with the infidels, and they are part of the regime.






They run away today from the Syrian regime, and tomorrow they want to put them as prime minister or minister. Just run away, and you will become a minister again. That is a joke.






Russia knows that Muslims will knock on their doors in Moscow. They know that the armed Muslim army will knock on their doors in Moscow again. That's why Russia is doing this big job [of supporting Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad], not only because America is giving them the green light, but because they have their own interest – not to allow Islam to come back.



Russia was at war with Islam for years and years. They know what Islam is. They know at what risk they are. They know how brave the Muslims are inside Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, everywhere in that whole are, Fergana Valley. They know what's going on. They know that the Muslims are waiting for their time to take revenge.






What else will happen [when the caliphate is established]? From day one, in international relations... Internal courts will be given ready-made constitutions – to all courts. We will stop all the stuff they are using now in the courts – these civil rights. They will start shari'a laws... There are ready Islamic jurisprudence books that will be given to the courts. Quick courses will be given to those judges straight away: Put these laws into implementation.



All forbidden things in the caliphate will be stopped from day one. In the economic system, there will be no usury. We will close the banks from day one.



From day one, alcohol and all forbidden things will stop. Now, to change the manufacture [of wine] to juice does take time, but alcohol will be thrown out from day one.



Fornication, whatever, that will all stop. On the streets, there will be only the shari'a dress code. Anyone – Muslim or non-Muslims... A Muslim street has to be like that. The sharia will be implemented from day one.



What else? With regard to international relations, from day one, we will declare that we withdraw from the U.N., and we withdraw from all international associations: the World Bank, the international courts, all of those. They were all established in 1750-1760 to challenge the Islamic state. We will ask the Americans, the British, and the infidels to remove their embassies. They don't have embassies in our countries – they have a state inside a state.






Let's take the education system. We should have our system ready to be put in schools and universities from day one. We will not teach any foreign language in our schools. Foreign languages will be taught at universities – because we need it to carry the da'wa to others – but our kids in kindergarten will not start from day one with English and French. Why should we do that? There are foreign states for the infidels.



We are proud of our language – the language of the Koran. They will learn the Arabic language. The Koran language will be the only state language. Yes, Muslims can use their language – in their homes, wherever – but their professional and official one is the Koran language.



So all this will happen from day one. Are we able to do this? From day one, we will stop the connection between our money and the dollar. As long as your money is linked to the dollar, you are a slave to the Americans. We have to go back to the silver and gold system.






Without piety, we are zero, and without awareness, we will be used. We will spend our blood, but someone else will come and take the fruit. This has happened the last 400 years. They say: 'You are brave Muslims, you are mujahedeen, you can do the job well. You believe in the black-eyed virgins, so go and die, and I, the secular one, will come and take the fruit.'



This has happened a few times, and we have to put an end to this. They are our youth, we die, we sacrifice, and the secular man, the infidel, comes and takes over the fruit of our blood. We have to put an end to this.



Our blood, the sacrifice of the Islamic nation, has to be ended with the victory of Islam at the hands of the Muslims.





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