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Aug 28, 2017
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Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence 'Ateya 'Adlan: Arab Revolutions Are Part of Islamic Revival That Will Inherit Western Civilization

#6222 | 01:13
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence 'Ateya 'Adlan said that just like the revolutions that swept Europe, the revolutions within the Islamic world would lead to its revival. The Islamic nation will "inherit the land, Allah willing, and will be the rising civilization," said Adlan, who added that "Western civilization is going completely bankrupt." He was speaking on the Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mekameleen TV channel on August 28.


'Ateya 'Adlan: "The European revolutions, from the Italian Renaissance to the French Revolution, were a continuum within the framework of a cultural transformation, a movement from tyranny and backwardness to revival, progress, and freedom. In our countries too, we had a January [2011] revolution along with the events that preceded it, and surges of the revolution that, Allah willing, yet to follow, until the revolution takes root... This too is within the framework of cultural transformation – the revival of the Islamic nation, which will inherit the land, Allah willing, and will constitute the rising civilization. Western civilization is going completely bankrupt. Western thinkers themselves attest to this. It is the Islamic nation that will inherit it, Allah willing. This is not propaganda. It is the truth, and many things point to this."

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