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Dec 25, 2015
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Iraqi Shiite Militia Sniper at Work: I’ve Fought the Americans and Jews, Killed 173 ISIS Terrorists

#5230 | 02:02
Source: The Internet

In a video-clip posted on the Internet on December 25, an Iraqi sniper with the PMU Shiite Militia says that he has fought in many wars, including against the Americans and the Jews. Since May, "I have killed 173 [ISIS terrorists]," he says, as he aims at his target.

Following are excerpts:

"Abu Tahseen": My Name is Abu Tahseen. My name is Abu Tahseen. I was born in 1953. I am 63 years old. I have fought in many wars, including the war in the Golan in 1973. I am a sniper. I participated in the Kuwait war, in the Iraq-Iran war, in [the war] against the Americans, and in [the war] against the Jews. Some wars were just wars. In the Iran-Iraq war, people were led astray and were afraid.


Today, I've killed only two. Two is also nice, no? Usually I kill three or four a day. But the day is still young. There's still time.

Interviewer: What is your monthly average?

"Abu Tahseen": I've been here since May. Since May sixth until today, I have killed 173.

When I am here, I am relaxed. When I go on vacation, I can't wait to come back. They gave me a month vacation, but after 12 days, I was back here.


Interviewer: They are sitting next to one another, right?

"Abu Tahseen": Yes.

Interviewer: Am I wrong?

"Abu Tahseen": No. They are sitting next to each other. One beside the other. Their heads are in clear sight.

"Abu Tahseen" fires the PMU sniper weapon

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad. That was sweet.


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