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Aug 13, 2023
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Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Leader Qais Al-Khazali: The Jews Are The Soldiers Of The Devil, Control Global Affairs; The Jewish Lobby Murdered Prophet Muhammad And Imam Ali

#10446 | 02:01
Source: Al-Ahd TV (Iraq)

Qais Al-Khazali, the leader of the Iran-backed Iraqi Shi'ite militia Asa'ib Ahl Al-Haqq, said in an August 13, 2023 Muharram lecture that was aired on Al-Ahd TV (Iraq) that the Jews are the followers and soldiers of the devil, and that the Jewish lobby controls decision-making, media, economy, and the weapons trade. He said that this is "no longer" a conspiracy theory and asserted that the "Jewish lobby" had "murdered" the Prophet Muhammad, his forefathers, and Imam Ali Bin Abu Taleb "and all the imams". In addition, he said that this "lobby" is responsible for the occultation of the Hidden Imam and is searching for him in order to murder him.

Qais Al-Khazali: "The Devil is not a theoretical enemy. He has a party that abides by his orders. As will be shown, this party of the Devil is led by the Jews.

"The Jews are the soldiers who serve the Devil – this is the Jewish lobby that controls the decision-making, the media, the economy, the dollar, the weapons trade, and so on. This is no longer a conspiracy theory. This has become clear.


"it was the Jews – the Jewish lobby – that murdered the fathers and forefathers of the Prophet Muhammad. This point does not require further proof, right? Secondly, it was the Jewish lobby that assassinated the Prophet Muhammad. You can check it out to see that I am right. Thirdly, I say – and Allah willing, I will prove – that it was the Jewish lobby that murdered Ali bin Abu Taleb.

"Fourthly, I say – and Allah willing, I will prove – that it was the Jewish lobby who was behind the murder of all the Imams.

"Regardless of who was the actual perpetrator... The Jewish lobby is the reason for the occultation of the Hidden Imam. It is the Jewish lobby that is searching for the Hidden Imam, and they might do anything in order to murder him."

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