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Jul 05, 2020
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Iraqi Al-Nujaba Militia Official Alaa Al-Jazaeri: U.S. Embassy In Baghdad Is Actually A Heavily Armed Military Base; American Soldiers Kill Our Children; We Will Not Stop Until They Leave

#8140 | 01:45
Source: Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq)

Alaa Al-Jazaeri, an Iraqi politician who also serves as the Deputy Head of the Al-Nujaba Movement militia, said in a July 5, 2020 interview on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq) that the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is actually a huge military base that has soldiers, aircraft, weapons systems, intelligence assets, and air defense systems. He said that the U.S. forces there regularly carry out exercises in Baghdad and that they terrorize the Iraqi people and kill Iraqi children. Al-Jazaeri said that this is unacceptable to the Iraqi people and they will fight back until the American presence in Iraq has ended.

Alaa Al-Jazaeri: "What we have in Baghdad is not an American embassy. Rather, it is an American base. No embassy in the world has such a huge number of soldiers, fighters, helicopters, helipads, and systems that fire dozens of types of ammunition. It holds military exercises in the heart of the capital, only meters away from the Republican Palace and the Prime Minister's office. This is not an embassy, but an advanced base, with military capabilities, military units, soldiers, intelligence sources, radars, and air-defense systems. There is no other such embassy in the world. This is not an embassy. This is an American base that occupies in the main area in the capital Baghdad and it regularly conducts military exercises and activities. So it is not peculiar that the Iraqis respond to such violations, to the terrorizing of the people, to the frightening of the civilians, and to the killing of some children. This is unacceptable and the Iraqi people have never quietly accepted such behavior. The Iraqi people will have a clear and powerful response to this [U.S.] presence and they will not [stop] until all the Americans leave."

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