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Jul 17, 2017
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Iraqi MP Hakim Al-Zamili to the U.S.: Enough! We Won't Allow You to Create a New ISIS for Us

#6163 | 00:58
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Iraqi MP Hakim Al-Zamili, head of the Iraqi parliament's security and defense committee, said that the Iraqis "have paid in rivers of blood in order to liberate Mosul" and that they will not tolerate the Americans "creating a new kind of ISIS for us." He was speaking on Russia Today TV on July 17.

Hakim Al-Zamili: "The Americans have their own agenda in Iraq. Nobody should deceive himself in this regard. They have gotten us into a situation that we will not tolerate anymore. We say to them: Enough! We have achieved this victory with our blood. We have achieved a great and glorious victory and have paid in rivers of blood to liberate Mosul. We are not ready to lose another city.

"We have liberated Ramadi, Mosul and the Saladin Governorate. We have liberated a third of the land of Iraq, which was occupied in the days of the Maliki government. We have liberated it with our blood, and now the [Americans] are creating a new kind of ISIS for us. We won't have it. In all honesty we will not. We say: 'Enough! The Iraqi people will not tolerate this. In our current circumstances, we cannot tolerate you creating another ISIS. Tell us what you want. We have no idea.'"

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