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Dec 03, 2008
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Iranian TV: U.S. and Zionists Responsible for Mumbai Attacks

#1947 | 02:54
Source: Jaam-E-Jam3 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from a TV report on the Mumbai bombings, which aired on IRIB 3 TV on December 3, 2008.

Reporter: Even though an unidentified group assumed responsibility for the operation, and demanded the release of the imprisoned fighters, and called to put an end to the hostility against Muslims in India, many questions and doubts still remain regarding its true goals, its dependence upon other groups or countries, and who instigated the operation and supported the group. Even though Western circles try to show that the Muslims are responsible for the crisis in Mumbai, many political analysts raised doubts about this attack, claiming that a certain group made efforts to conceal the identity of the true culprits.


The attacks were intended to hasten the implementation of a scenario, which the Americans had planned for the coming years. According to reports by the U.S. security agencies, as stressed in U.S. foreign policy: "Future global changes, especially in economics, will depend mainly upon the East, and the West must prepare itself for this."


The goals pursued by America and its NATO allies are as follows:

1) To establish a military base in the subcontinent under security pretexts, especially in order to protect the [Indian] nuclear facilities. So far, India has opposed this.

2) To drag India into security concerns, diverting it from economic issues.

3) To bring countries of the region, especially India and China, into the anti-war [sic] coalition, with Afghanistan as its main axis.

4) To prevent the execution of India and Pakistan's Peace Pipeline accord with Iran.

5) To sign security and defense agreements in order to draw India away from Russia.

The terrorist operations in Mumbai and the rumor that several Jews had been kidnapped in this incident strengthens the possibility that the Zionists played a role in the attacks. The Zionists goals were:

1) To divert public opinion from the crisis in Gaza.

2) To make India minimize its relations with Iran.

3) To defame the Muslims.

4) To generate a negative oppressive atmosphere, which would eventually lead to a conflict between India and the Islamic countries.

5) To increase collaboration between the Mossad and Indian intelligence, which would lead to Zionist infiltration of all the agencies in India.

6) To once again portray the Jews as being oppressed, in order to move the Indian Jews to the occupied lands.

These are among the goals that the Zionists tried to achieve by exploiting the Mumbai bombings.

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