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Dec 26, 2004
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Iranian TV Report on Women in Western Society

#500 | 53
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an Iranian TV report on women in the West. The report was in Arabic on Al-Alam TV on December 26, 2004:

Voice over: The young woman of the West is a consumer of fashion and drugs and is a profitable target for those who control the markets and the companies. A close-knit family, which gives its daughters sufficient love and affection, is the exception in a society that considers the cost of having a child compared with having a dog or any other pet. If the cost of the pet tips the balance, they will settle for it, instead of having a child.

Thus, we sense the reality of life for the young woman of the West, where society has become a bunch of instruments of production, whose individuals are judged by profit alone.

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