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Sep 11, 2005
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Iranian TV: The Mossad Was Involved in the 9/11 Attacks; Jews Did Not Show Up for Work

#851 | 01:20
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an Iranian TV documentary, which aired on Sahar 1 TV on September 11, 2005.

Narrator: The initial reports talked about 6,729 fatalities. Soon, the number dropped to 3,000, and ultimately, somehow, it reached 2,800. After the incident, the Jerusalem Post published an article with the names of 4,000 Jews who had worked in the two towers and were missing. Later it turned out that only 130 Jews had been in the two towers and were killed. The absence of a large number of Jews on the day of the attack is one piece of evidence for the possibility that the Mossad was involved in the attacks. Furthermore, the technical complexity of this operation, the way it was carried out, as well as the possibility of obtaining secret and classified information in the US and the Zionist entity's record of attacking its own people in order to benefit on various levels, as well as the secret, deep-rooted competition between the Zionist entity and the US...

The Washington Times published a 68 page report about this, one day before the attacks of 9/11, which is one of the reasons to suspect Zionist involvement.

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