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Jun 22, 2019
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Iranian TV "Documentary": Ben-Gurion Saw Himself as the New Moses, Modeled Israel on Sparta

#7380 | 04:18
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

On June 22, 2019, Ofogh TV (Iran) aired the first episode of a show called "The Kiryah 2040," which is about Israel's "militaristic essence." The show said that David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, had believed that Judea must be rebuilt by "blood and fire" and that he had based the State of Israel on the Ancient Greek state of Sparta. The show also said that Ben-Gurion saw himself as a "new Moses" who would bring the Jews to the Promised Land in "a sea of blood and fire." The narrator explained that Israel was meant to be a military state, with kibbutzim as its military settlements, and that the Kiryah, Israel's military headquarters in Tel Aviv, is Israel's "heart, brain, and nervous system." Iranian official and strategic affairs expert Hassan Abbasi, who was interviewed on the show, said that every Israeli has an identity within the Israeli army and that even Israel's Housing Ministry is controlled by the military. He explained that Israeli cities and settlements are built on top of hills and in an elliptical fashion, with curved roads that do not intersect frequently, so that each individual block can withstand a war. He added that Israel's Iron Dome system is an "illusion," as evidenced by the Fajr missiles that have landed in Tel Aviv, and he stated that Iran's ballistic missiles could easily penetrate it and destroy key buildings in Israel.

Narrator: "David Ben-Gurion, the father of military Zionism, was the head of the Jewish Agency and the leader of Zionism between 1930 and 1948. The core of his ideology was that Judea fell by blood and fire, and that by blood and fire it must be rebuilt. This rebuilding required a new military framework known as the 'Haganah' – the father of the Israeli army. Ben-Gurion believed that the Jewish people needed a new Moses – a Moses who wouldn't necessarily be a prophet this time. Rather, he would need to be a general, so that he could lead a disciplined military apparatus, bring the Jews to the Promise Land in a sea of blood and fire, and establish the State of Zion. This is the essence of political and military Zionism. Ben-Gurion saw himself as this new Moses, and he saw the Haganah as the military framework.


"He studied and did a lot of research in order to find a socio-military model that was suitable for the system of military Zionism. Eventually, he found that the model of the Ancient Greek state of Sparta was appropriate for this matter. Sparta was a military state in ancient Greece, and all its citizens were military people who lived in military colonies. Children were even taken from their parents in order to be educated in the military colonies. Ben-Gurion found the system he wanted in the historical information left over from ancient times. Israel was meant to be a military state and the kibbutzim were meant to be its military colonies."


Hassan Abbasi: "Every man and woman [in Israel] goes to the army. They all draw their identity from the structure of the Zionist regime's army. For example, pilots working in the Zionist regime's airlines, like El Al, are, in regular circumstances, fighter pilots.


"The army shapes the Zionist regime's framework. The most important jobs are held by the main military people. Even something like their Housing Ministry is controlled by the army. It is always a military man who becomes Housing Minister after finishing his post. Why? There are two main reasons for this. Building cities is the key to building a civilization. People who want to build a civilization and a society need to start by building cities and architecture. The Zionist regime entrusted the army with the planning of cities.


"[You can see] in the aerial photographs of [Israel's] cities that they build the cities and blocks so that they can withstand military conflicts like fortresses. From a bird's-eye view, many cities in the world are built like grids, with many intersections. But the Zionist regime's settlements are mostly build on hills. They have an elliptical shape, and all of their roads are curved. They have very few intersections. The blocks are planned in such a way that in a tactical war, each individual block can remain standing.


"The Kiryah is the heart, the brain, and the nervous system of the large military camp known as Israel. If we see the army as the essence of Israel, then the Kiryah is the essence of the army. In other words, the Kiryah itself is Israel.


"It turns out that the Iron Dome project is an illusion. Today, it is obvious to the forces of the Islamic Revolution that if a 333 mm Fajr missile can easily bypass these obstacles and land in Tel Aviv, it means that the ballistic missiles possessed and manufactured by the Islamic Republic could very effectively land in different tactical buildings and penetrate this system."

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