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Mar 04, 2020
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Dr. Hossein Ali Shahriari, Member of Medical Committee in Iranian Majles: WHO Experts Come to Iran to Learn from Us, Rather Than Help Us

#7863 | 01:20
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

Dr. Hossein Ali Shahriari, a member of the Medical Committee in Iran's Majles, said in a March 4, 2020 show on Channel 4 (Iran) that the coronavirus outbreak in Iran won't last much longer in light of the measures that have been taken. He said that the WHO cannot offer much help to Iran from a technological perspective, that Iran has medical experts that have held senior positions in the WHO, and that the WHO and Chinese delegations are even coming to Iran in order to learn from its vast experience and expertise with the virus.

Dr. Hossein Ali Shahriari: "In light of the measures that have been taken in Iran, [the coronavirus outbreak] will certainly not last long. I appeared in an interview, and some people were offended. During the first days [of the outbreak], I was asked: How much can the World Health Organization help us? I said that from a technological perspective, it cannot help us much. We have prominent experts – even some who have been senior experts at the WHO. We have people like this in our country. You saw that some members of the WHO came to Iran yesterday or that Chinese [officials] arrived. As I see it, these dear people are coming to Iran not so much to help us – rather, they want to take the experience that has been accumulated here to the European countries and to their masters. Otherwise, if they intend to give us expert scientific consultation, they certainly don't have more expertise than the experts in Iran."

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