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Feb 05, 2008
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Iranian Intelligence Ministry Broadcast Encouraging People to Snitch on Spies Features "John McCain" Masterminding a Velvet Revolution in Iran from the White House

#1678 | 06:55
Source: Khozestan TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an Iranian Intelligence Ministry public service broadcast, informing Iranians of the 113 hotline, dedicated to snitching on spies. The clip was aired on Khozestan TV on February 5, 2008.

The White House, Washington D.C.

Animated figures of various American officials and CIA agents

John McCain – a senior White House official, who orchestrates numerous conspiracies against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

George Soros – a Jewish tycoon and the mastermind of ultra-modern colonialism. He uses his wealth and slogans like liberty, democracy, and human rights to bring the supporters of America to power.

Gene Sharp – the theoretician of civil disobedience and velvet revolutions, who has published treatises on this subject. He is one of the CIA agents in charge of America's infiltration into other countries.

Bill Smith – one of the CIA's senior experts on Iranian affairs. For many years, he has maintained close ties with Iranian opposition groups.


John McCain: As George Soros rightly said, our goals should be achieved through long-term planning, which will be adapted to the culture of each region. We will provide guidance to influential groups in each region.

Gene Sharp: Due to growing awareness among the people, our military presence no longer has the impact it used to have. This can be seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to find alternative methods.

John McCain: True, pressure and aggression no longer guarantee the achievement of our goals. We must consider "culture-building" over there.

Gene Sharp: The 21st century is the age of changing cultures and influencing minds.

Bill Smith: That is precisely the plan we were working on.

John McCain: But your plan is not enough. For 28 years, we've spent a lot of money because of your plans, but in return...

George Soros: I agree with you, but regime change should not be done in haste.

Bill Smith: We must contact authors, intellectuals, and influential people in society, who have common interests with us.

George Soros: We should cooperate closely with the NGO's that share our goals. Satellite TV networks have a great impact and play a very important role. Bombarding people with propaganda has always been effective. We must expand the cultural warfare, which we have had on the back burner in Iran for years.

Bill SmithWe must also send our intelligence agents and others who work with us, personnel [to Iran] to make use of the abilities of leading cultural figures. So far, we have achieved a lot through international scientific conferences.

Iranian masses: Nuclear energy is our inalienable right.

The scene: A group of Iranian men talking in the park

1st Iranian man: Did you go to the rally yesterday?

2nd Iranian man: Yes, it was great. A lot of people came.

3rd Iranian man: There is no end to foreign conspiracies.

2nd Iranian man: If only our memory would not grow old along with us, we could always remember their treachery.

4th Iranian man: They seem to have forgotten their defeat in Tabas [the reference is to the failed attempt to rescue the hostages at the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1980], and how God humiliated them.

5th Iranian man: They will not be able to do anything with their economic sanctions. Our young experts' progress in the field of nuclear energy has dealt them a mighty punch in the face.

The scene: Three Iranian oppositionists making plans in an apartment.

1st oppositionist: Guys, according to the e-mail I got yesterday, we must get started. Besides, the equipment we need has arrived.

2nd oppositionist: Now it will be easier to pass on the instructions we get from satellite TV.

3rd oppositionist, called Manucher: Then all this will become a great news item for our friends in America.

1st oppositionist: I'm sure that once we carry out this mission, we will get all the visas they promised us and have a good time in America. Here is the necessary equipment.

The scene: The home of Manucher

Voice on TV: Security is a blessing which depends on the vigilance of each and every member of the community...

Manucher enters

Manucher's sister: Where were you tonight? Don't you think our mother and I worry about you?

Manucher: What, am I, a little kid, that you worry about me?

The sister, after opening Manucher's bag and finding a gun and various papers, dials 113

Manucher's sister: I think he is keeping bad company.

Intelligence agent checks Manucher's background on the computer

Intelligence agent (to commander): He doesn't have a criminal record. I think he is one of the new young men involved in this.

Commander: Tail him all the time.

Manucher is arrested

Commander (to Manucher): Thanks to your cooperation, we have managed to prevent a huge disaster. We will take this into consideration when we determine your punishment.

Manucher's sister (answering the phone): Yes?

Commander: Hello. I'd like to thank you for the information you gave us. We have talked to the judge presiding over the case, and he said that Manucher would be released soon.

Voice on TV: Today, global arrogance [the U.S.] and international Zionism, with the help of their spy and satellite networks, are planning regime changes. In order to achieve this filthy goal, they will not shy away from any conspiracy. Each and every member of the brave and honorable Iranian nation must remain vigilant, and report any suspicious activity to the 113 hotline of the Intelligence Ministry, throughout the country.

We are the guardians of your information.

Credits: The information headquarters - Intelligence Ministry.

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