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Jun 26, 2019
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Debris of U.S. Drone Shown on Iranian TV, Pastries Passed Around Studio to Celebrate the Successful "Revolutionary Hunting"

#7326 | 03:51
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

On June 26, 2019, Iran's Channel 1 and Ofogh TV stations aired shows discussing Iran's June 20, 2019 downing of an American drone over the Strait of Hormuz. Mohsen Maghsoudi, a TV host on Channel 1, said that the "lion cubs" of Iran's air defense units shot down the American drone in an historical act of "revolutionary hunting," and that Iran had received divine assistance in order to "vanquish America's global hegemony." Maghsoudi showed debris from the fuselage of the drone, which he said the IRGC had  lent to the station for the show, and he claimed that the drone had been an MQ-4C drone, although American authorities have said that the drone was an RQ-4A. The debris had "Death to America" written on it in Farsi. Maghsoudi then presented sweet pastries for the studio crew to eat in celebration of the Iranian success. Major Mohammad Ali Khodabaksh, an IRGC Aerospace Force expert on defense operations who was a guest on the show, said that Iran's ability to shoot down an American drone from an altitude of 50,000 feet is a message to the world that Iran can also shoot down F-35 and F-22 jets.  In a broadcast on Ofogh TV, Tehran University professor Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Khoushki said that shooting down the drone stopped the Americans from launching a war against Iran since it caused them to realize that their military commanders' assessment that the U.S. could not win a war against Iran was correct.

Mohsen Maghsoudi: "At 00:15, the enemies sent a reconnaissance drone to Iran's sea and the Persian Gulf. When we were asleep, there were people who were awake. Several lion cubs of Iran's [air] defense were vigilant, saw what was happening, and went for a great hunt. They hunted the American MQ-4C drone. This is an ultra-advanced drone by global standards. I think that this is a very big deal. This is divine assistance to the resistance of the Iranian people, and to the vanquishing of America's global hegemony. This is a turning point in the history of Iranian defense. True, we had done many similar things to the Americans, but this was very special and right on time. It happened at a time when America was making a big fuss. We would like to discuss this today. We have something really amazing for our dear viewers. Here is debris from the ultra-advanced American MQ-4C plane. This is courtesy of our friends in the aerospace force of the IRGC — dear General Hajizadeh, the IRGC public relations and cultural departments...They all were very generous and lent us this for our show. Tonight... Today... I'm saying 'night' because our show was in the evenings, but today's show is very special. We would like to discuss this revolutionary hunting, and mention some accurate details.

As you can see, this is a picture of the drone, and this is part of the body of the drone. This is the logo of the American forces. This is the rest of the drone's body. Today, we will talk about the drone's special characteristics, and we will present accurate details. There are other parts of the drone, and some friends will come and talk. Indeed, we had a celebration this week, so we brought some sweet pastries to pass around among the friends. If the friends behind the scene can please clap their hands... Yes... Indeed, the Iranian people felt the sweet taste. We felt proud. Despite all the difficulties and the economic problems, our public felt pride and honor this week. It is such a great pleasure to have your picture taken with the debris of this plane. The most important thing that our public wants to see is that we downed the most advanced American drone. This drone is the most advanced technologically. In the entire world, only two of this model are operational. It is said that the MQ-4C costs $220 million and more. We did the math. It costs as much as 15 or 16 American F-16 planes. With one shot, we downed something that is worth 15 or 16 American fighter planes."


Major Mohammad Ali Khodabakhsh: "If the Islamic Republic has managed to hit and destroy a target at an altitude of over 50,000 feet, it is an achievement that sends the following message to the world: If your F-35 comes near our borders, we will do the same thing to it. If your F-22 comes near, we will do the same to it."


Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Koushki: "If we had not downed this trespassing plane, we would have had to down the Americans' F-35. We would have had to down their B-52. This stopped the Americans from launching war, because they realized that their military commanders were right. The American military commanders said: We can start a war with Iran, but we cannot

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