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Aug 22, 2019
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Iran Unveils Bavar 373 Long-Range Air Defense System Reportedly Capable of Simultaneously Engaging Six Targets, Launching 12 Missiles to Range of Up to 250 KM

#7435 | 05:12
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On August 22, 2019, IRINN TV (Iran) aired a report about the unveiling of the Iranian-made Bavar 373 long-range air defense system. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who was present at the unveiling, said that the Bavar 373 system is superior to the Russian S-300 system and that it competes with the S-400 system and the American Patriot system. The report said that the Bavar 373 system was designed for Iran's geographical conditions and that it can simultaneously engage six targets with 12 missiles at a range of up to 250 kilometers. Bavar 373's radar system reportedly has a range of 350 kilometers, and can be used "under any weather conditions, and even when the enemy is using chemical, biological, or even nuclear [weapons]... even if the heaviest jammers and electronic systems lock on to it." In addition, the report said that Bavar 373 can launch surface-to-air missiles such as the Sayyad-4 to an altitude of 27,000 meters. Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami said that Bavar 373 can be used against strategic and tactical fighter jets and bombers, as well as against stealth planes, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and other targets.

Following are excerpts:

Hassan Rouhani: "I hereby unveil the Bavar 373 all-Iranian long-range air defense system, and I order its incorporation in the country's air defense network, with Allah's blessing."


Anchor: "This all-Iranian system has a range of 300 kilometers. It can cover from low altitudes up to an altitude of approximately 65 kilometers. Iran joins four countries that have similar systems. The Bavar 373 long-range air defense system was built specifically for Iran's geographical conditions. It competes with similar Russian and American systems, like the S-300 and the Patriot, and it is better than those systems in some cases."


Hassan Rouhani: "If I were to compare it to the famous S-300 and S-400 systems, I'd say that it is not an S-300 – it doesn't have an 'S' at the beginning. Its number is neither 300 nor 400. Its number is between 300 and 400. It's 373. In any case, this system is stronger than the S-300 and very close to the S-400."


Reporter: "The Bavar 373 is a collection of all-Iranian defense aspects. This begins with the Sayyad-4 missile and ends with the advanced radar systems. Today, the whole world is looking at this all-Iranian defense capability. Bavar 373 shows that you can believe in our capabilities. So that we can do big things, a radar was built, and it can search for the target from a range of over 350 kilometers, intercept it from a range of over 250 kilometers, and simultaneously launch 12 missiles towards targets that have been detected. [Bavar 373] can simultaneously engage six targets, and it can launch 12 missiles towards the targets. We have used here the world's modern technology."


Amir Khatami: "This system can engage and fight against different kinds of planes: strategic planes, strategic bombers, tactical fighters and bombers, and, especially, stealth planes, which are today considered to be among the most important aerial threats. [Bavar 373] can effectively [engage] cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, as well as other targets. It can detect them from a safe distance and engage them from 200 kilometers away."

Reporter: "Bavar 373 is a system that can fit anywhere – in any weather conditions, and even when the enemy is using chemical, biological, or even nuclear [weapons]. Bavar's team will be safe. Even if the heaviest jammers and electronic systems lock on to it, Bavar will continue to pursue the target and shoot it down."

Amir Khatami: "The system is all-Iranian, and this is a very important advantage. Its frequency codes belong to our armed forces and defense industries. This can have an important effect in surprising the enemy and in simultaneous engagement. It also has a perfect operation sequence."

Reporter: "And this is the part that will certainly cause defense experts to examine it with a magnifying glass: its technical ability to vertically launch surface-to-air missiles. [It can do this] with the Sayyad missile, up to a height of 27,000 meters and to a range of over 200 kilometers. Thus, any creature that encroaches upon our border will be shot down immediately, or its feathers will be forever plucked by the exploding warhead."

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