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Jan 25, 2021
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Iranian TV Host Arman Ghaffarian: Iranians Cannot Trust American Coronavirus Vaccine; The U.S. Has Spread AIDS, Ebola, Various Viruses Throughout The World

#8766 | 02:48
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian TV host Arman Ghaffarian said that Iranians cannot pin their hopes on American coronavirus vaccine because the U.S. has a record of spreading diseases through experimentation all over the world. He made these remarks on a show that aired on Ofogh TV (Iran) on January 25, 2021. Ghaffarian said that all it takes is a "simple search" to discover the history of the U.S. infecting populations worldwide with diseases via experimentation. He claimed that the U.S. conducted a syphilis experiment in Guatemala in the 1940s and a 1959 AIDS experiment on Africans. Ghaffarian also suggested that the U.S. spread the dengue virus in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the early 1980s and the Ebola virus in Africa in 1975 among other claims.

Arman Ghaffarian: "The debate about the coronavirus vaccine and whether or not it will enter our country is still a hot topic. You have seen and hear about the scientific documentation regarding the casualties of the coronavirus vaccines – especially the American one.


"We cannot pin our hopes on America so easily, and believe what they are saying, in light of their past.


"I'd like to mention a few cases, which you can easily find with a simple search, so that you won't say that we can trust the U.S. and its medical activity just like that. In 1946-1948, they conducted a syphilis experiment in Guatemala. They conducted their experiments in that country. In 1990, they conducted a rubella experiment on 1,500 black and Spanish babies. Again, we are talking about their experiments, not about drugs that were completely approved. They conducted their experiments there.

"In 1959, [they conducted] an AIDS experiment on Africans. AIDS experiment. Pay attention to this key word. In 1931, they infected Puerto Ricans with cancer. In 1981-1982, they spread the dangerous dengue virus. Where? In Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries. In 1975, they spread the Ebola virus in Africa. You've probably heard of this. In 1965, they injected Agent Orange to prisoners in the U.S. and Vietnam. In 1944, they tested mustard gas on soldiers. In 1946, they used patients in U.S. military hospitals as guinea pigs. In 1956, they released mosquitos with yellow fever in the state of Florida.

"Now, let me ask you a logical question. Can we really believe that this country cares about other countries, and especially about the people of Iran?"

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