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Nov 20, 2023
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Iranian Islamic Scholar Mehdi Daneshmand: I Recommend That Iranian Youth Read 'The Protocols Of Zion' – It Is So Vile And Disgusting, One Feels Ashamed To Read What The Zionists Think Of Muslims And Christians

#10682 | 03:11
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian Islamic scholar Mehdi Daneshmand discussed the "Protocols of Zion" on a November 20, 2023 show on Ofogh TV (Iran), imploring the youth to read them. He said that he feels ashamed to read the Protocols, because they are so "vile and disgusting" that he cannot bring himself to say what the Jews think of Muslims and Christians, and which animal they compare the home of a Muslim to. Daneshmand advised that "the dear young people" read books about the dangers of Zionism and that universities and religious seminaries should teach the subjects of "Judeology" and "Zionology."

Mehdi Daneshmand: "I kiss the hands of all our dear young people and I am proud to be in the service of this generation. I implore them to read the Protocols of Zion. Israel doesn't only have a problem with Palestine.

"May God have mercy on the soul of Imam [Khomeini], who said: A mosque is a bunker. What is happening in the bunker? All the discourse there is of military and Jihad. A mosque that is only a place of prayers, but does not discuss the enemy, its goals, the damage that it causes, and the danger it poses, is a Zionist mosque, in my opinion. It is a mosque that the Zionists would be willing to cover its dome with gold.


"When you read their Protocols... God knows I am ashamed to describe it. I wish I had brought a copy with me so I can read from it. One feels ashamed even to read the Protocols of Zion. It is so vile and disgusting – just consider how they view the Muslims and Christians. I am very sorry. I beg the pardon of all the monotheists, the Muslims, and all our dear Christians. Just read them. We are indeed talking about what has been documented.

"Read the Protocols: How is the soul of a Muslim and a Christian viewed by Zionism. What animal is likened to the house of a Muslim. I cannot say it. I cannot allow myself to repeat it. They say: 'We are God's children and His friends, and God has decreed the people of the world to be our slaves. We are masters of the people and of world.' Therefore, they say: 'Saying hello to a non-Muslim [sic] is forbidden, unless it is meant to mock him.' They say: 'If a Muslim falls into a well, it is obligatory to put a stone on the well so that he cannot get out of it. Trading and doing business with non-Jews is forbidden, unless you are sure to profit from the transaction and can cheat.'


"I am asking the dear young people to do a few things. First, read the book The World -- the Toy of the Jews. Search the Internet for books written on the dangers of Zionism. They can also read them in PDF format. Judeology should be studied as a subject in seminaries and universities. Zionology should be studied as a subject in seminaries and universities."

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