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Nov 09, 2023
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Iranian Author And Researcher Mohammad-Taghi Taghipour: Stalin And Roosevelt Were Both Jews, They Started WWII To Gain Jewish Domination; America Is Under Greater Jewish Occupation Than Palestine

#10636 | 02:39
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Iranian author and researcher Mohammad-Taghi Taghipour gave a speech in a November 8, 2023 cultural conference titled “from Jewish Zionism to New World Order” that was aired on November 9, 2023 on Channel 2 (Iran), in which he claimed that the Jews had started World War II, not Hitler. He continued to claim that both USSR leader Joseph Stalin and American President Franklin D. Roosevelt were Jewish and that they were the ones who started the war in order to change world order and occupy Palestine. Taghipour continued to say shat the 60 million victims of World War II were all “murdered” by the Jews who started the war. He criticized people who use “Zionists” instead of “Jews,” explaining that according to the Quran, the Jewish people are the main enemy, and it is important to know the enemy. He referenced Henry Ford’s 1921 book, The International Jew, according to which the Jews immigrated to America in order to take over it, and he said that now America is under greater Jewish occupation than Palestine is. Taghipour said that the Jews have not been persecuted for the past 400-500 years, rather they are always the ones to attack others, and they were despised by non-Jews because of their behavior.


Mohammad-Taghi Taghipour: "Instead of saying 'Jews,' we say 'Zionists' or 'Zionism.' This is a deviant doctrine. Understanding the enemy is critical in our teachings.


"According to Quranic revelations, the Jewish people are the main enemy. Our esteemed Leader had repeatedly said that we must not deviate from trying to know and understand the enemy.


"The American Henry Ford wrote, in 1921, a book called The International Jew, detailing how the Jews came to take over the United States. In 1921 – 102 years ago – [Ford said] that the Jews did not arrive under their own flag, but in a disguise, and the American elite could not show the next generation in America what doctrine or teachings the Jews were following. That is how [the Jews] took over America. In other words, right now, as we are gathered here, the U.S. is more occupied than Palestine. Some may ask why the U.S. supports Israel. In essence the difference between the U.S. and Israel is only geographical. They are one and the same. The central headquarters of the Jewish people is Wall Street. It is in Washington, D.C. and New York. The [Jews] there are the ones leading Israel. Even London – they are all one and the same.


"In the past 400 or 500 years, the Jews were not persecuted. They were always the ones to attack others. Indeed, they were despised by non-Jews because of their behavior.


"WWII was not triggered by Hitler. It was started by Jews, in hidden and secret camps in Europe and America, in order to complete WWI, which was mostly a Jewish coup, to change world dominion and the way of life worldwide, and to occupy Palestine, which is not the topic at hand. Since they could not ger what they wanted, they ignited WWII.


"Stalin was a Jew, his real name was Jughashvili. [Franklin D.] Roosevelt was a Jew. They [started] Word War II.


"The murderers od the 60 million who were killed in that war were the Jews who started it. Everything I am saying is based on the existing documentation and proof."

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