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Sep 01, 2021
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Iranian Political Analyst Emad Abshenas: U.S. May Have Been Behind The 9/11 Attacks; Biden Wanted The Kabul Airport Bombings, He Does Not Really Care About American Lives; His Main Concern – To Undermine The Security Of China, Russia, And Iran

#9071 | 02:44
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Iranian political analyst Emad Abshenas, editor-in-chief of the Iran Diplomatic, said that the U.S. government and President Biden wanted the Kabul airport bombing to happen in order to undermine the security of the region. He made these remarks in a show that aired on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) on September 1, 2021. Abshenas said that it was the Americans who brought ISIS into Afghanistan and equipped them with modern weapons. He added that now Iran, China, and Russia must cooperate in order to defeat the terrorism in the region, or else it will spread throughout the entire world. For more about Emad Abshenas, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 9005, 9003, 8608, 8581, 8341, 8320, 8211, 8057, 7939.

Emad Abshenas: "I do not think that the U.S. fought terrorism or even wanted to fight it. Even bin Laden's assassination is doubtful. In Saddam Hussein's case, we could at least see him being executed on TV, but nobody even saw Osama bin Laden's body. The U.S. claimed to have assassinated him and to have thrown him into the sea. I have no idea why they had to throw him into the sea, but many questions are still left unanswered. It should be noted that Bin Laden, before becoming the leader of Al-Qaeda, was one of the allies of George Bush, who ordered the attack on Afghanistan.


"Even with regard to the 9/11 attacks, there are suspicions that the American security agencies are behind all this, and have cooperated with Al Qaeda, which was created by America.


"It seems to me that there is an American plan to usher in new terrorist organizations, equipped with planes and helicopters. They want to undermine security in the vicinity of Iran, China, and Russia. When the Americans talk about ISIS killing U.S. soldiers [at Kabul Airport], it seems to me that Biden or the U.S. government wanted this to happen, in order to have the pretext of fighting ISIS which killed several U.S. soldiers. I do not believe that Biden or the U.S. government really cares about the lives of the soldiers who were killed there.


"They are the ones who brought ISIS into Afghanistan. They are the ones who created and armed ISIS, and today, they have given them modern weapons so they could undermine the security of the region. Iran, China, and Russia must cooperate today, in order to defeat terrorism in this region, otherwise it will spread throughout the world."

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