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Jan 17, 2024
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Iranian Ambassador To Lebanon Mojtaba Amani: If Iraq, Pakistan, Or Any Other Country Cannot Deal With The Terrorists Undermining Iran's Security We Will Help Them Do So; We Will Not Sit idly By

#10824 | 03:05
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, Mojtaba Amani, said in a January 17, 2024, show on OTV (Lebanon), that his country would not "sit idly by" while terrorists undermine the security of Iran from within Iraq, Pakistan, or any other country. He said that if these countries cannot take care of these terrorist groups, Iran will help them do so.

Ambassador Mojtaba Amani: "We understand the position of the Iraqi government, but we say to our Iraqi brothers that if they can control or confront those terrorist organizations inside Iraq, we will help them attack those terrorists. I believe that the Iraqi position is related to the balance of power in the region. They understand…I am not talking only about PM Al-Sudani's government. All the previous leaders of Iraq also understand this. If there is a terrorist group that threatens Iranian security, the Iranians will not sit idly by."

Interviewer: "No matter where?"

Amani: "No matter where. Inside Iraq…if there is a security threat, of attacks [against Iran], that are supported from inside Iraq, or in any other country that wants to undermine Iran's security, we will respond. This is not just this year or in the past few years. This has been our policy since 1991. If the Iraqi government or the Pakistani government are incapable of striking these diplomatic [sic] dens, we will assist them to do so.

"Israel cannot do anything apart from killing women, children, and civilians in Gaza. This has never been considered a victory in any war. Algeria sacrificed 1.5 million martyrs, but now people say that Algeria defeated the French occupiers. The same is true of Vietnam. The same is true of Iran.

"There are more than just the two options of a large war or the surrender of Gaza. Perhaps, Israel will announce one day, or maybe right now, when you and I are not listening to the news…Maybe Israel will announce that a truce, ceasefire, or something like that has been reached."

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