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Nov 19, 2023
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Hizbullah Propaganda Video Threatens Israel: We Will Pave The Ground With Your Skulls, Crush Your Bones, Turn Your Tanks, Ships Into Dust; The Time For Israel To Come To An End Has Arrived

#10653 | 02:45
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Online Sources"

A Hizbullah video threatening Israel, titled "We Are Coming" was posted on various online sources on November 19, 2023. The lyrics of the video threatened to pave the ground with Israeli skulls, crush their bones, turn its tanks and ships into dust, annihilate its fortresses, and pulverize it. The video stated: "From Gaza to the Galilee generation follows generation. [...] The time for Israel to come to an end has arrived. We are coming." The video concludes with a simulated invasion of Jerusalem, featuring paragliders, missiles, and armed fighters.

Narrator: "We are coming from everywhere, from every war. We will pave the ground with your skulls, and crush your bones with death. Where will you escape?


"Oh foreign rabble, the land is our convoy, the sea is our ship, and the sly is our hidden bird. We are coming. All your tanks will turn into dust, along with all your ships. Our flocks of Ababil drones are everywhere in the sky. All your fortresses will be annihilated. You will be pulverized.

"We are coming for the north and from the south. This land is Islamic waqf land for the resistance. It does not accept starvation, normalization, or compromises. From Gaza to the Galilee, generation follows generation.


"We will pass over you with steps of embers and fire. We will bury your armies in water and sand. There will be thousands in every coffin. Revenge will never die. We are coming, and when divine victory will come – the future will not be as you hope.


"The time for (Israel) to come to an end has arrived. We are coming, [and as it is written in the Quran]: 'Hizbullah (the party of Allah will) prevail'."

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