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Nov 03, 2023
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Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: The Israel-Gaza War Is 100% Palestinian And Had Nothing To Do With Regional Issues; We Have Already Been Fighting Israel Since October 8; Israel, Not Hamas, Massacred Israeli Civilians

#10605 | 02:44
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

In a televised speech delivered live on November 3, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that he had not been informed by Hamas prior to the October 7 attack on Israel. Nasrallah added that the decision about the war, and the war itself, is "100% Palestinian" and has nothing to do with regional issues. To people who call for Hizbullah to engage in an all-out war with Israel, Nasrallah said that his organization has been fighting Israel since October 8, and that what it has been doing is "significant." With regard to the attack itself, which he described as "blessed," Nasrallah said that it was the Israeli army - and not Hamas - that had killed the Israeli civilians. The speech was aired live on Al-Jazeera network (Qatar), and many other TV channels.

Nasrallah: "The great, blessed, wide-scale operation [on October 7] was 100% decided upon by Palestinians, and was carried out 100% by Palestinians. The people behind it had concealed it from everybody – even from the resistance factions in Gaza, as well as from the other countries and movements of the resistance axis.


"This proves that this war is completely Palestinian, for the sake of Palestine, its issues, causes, and people, and had nothing to do with any regional, international, or similar issue.


"When [the Israelis] went to recapture the Gaza Envelope settlements from the Palestinian resistance fighters, they themselves massacred the Israeli settlers. It was not done by Hamas and the rest of the resistance factions, as they allege.


"In our view, there are two goals. The first goal that people should strive day and night to accomplish is to end the aggression against the Gaza Strip, to stop the war against the Gaza Strip. The second goal is a victory by Gaza – a victory by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, and particularly Hamas.


"Some people expect – or demand – that Hizbullah will quickly engage in a comprehensive all-out war with the enemy. To them, what is happening on the [Lebanon-Israel] border might seem modest. However, if we examine what is happening on the border objectively, we see that it is very significant, important, and effective. Of course, we will not make do with this.


"Since October 8, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has engaged in a real war, which is felt only by people who are actually in the border region – the fighters and the people living there."

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