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Jan 21, 2024
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Hizbullah MP Ibrahim Mousawi Addresses World Workers Party's International Assembly In NYC: Your Demonstrations Are Much Appreciated, You Complete Our Struggle, We Are One Front Against Israel, The U.S., Western Hegemony

#10978 | 01:34
Source: Online Platforms - "World Workers Party on YouTube"

Hizbullah MP Ibrahim Mousawi addressed the World Workers Party International Assembly against Imperialism in Support of the Palestinian Resistance, held in New York City on January 21, 2024. Mousawi said that Hizbullah appreciates the demonstrations and statements of the World Workers Party, is fighting the Israelis and struggling against them, and the participants of the Assembly are completing this mission in another way and style. He said: "We are together one front against Israel, against the United Staes, [...] and against all the Western hegemony." The event was planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's death. Video of Mousawi's address was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the World Workers Party.

Hizbullah MP Ibrahim Mousawi: "It gives me pleasure and honor to address your assembly – the International Assembly against Imperialism in Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance. Yes, the resistance. This is the right time for resistance.


"Believe me, what you are doing there, in the Western capitals, the congregations, the demonstrations, the statements that you are making, on an individual level, a community level, and a society level, is much needed and is very much appreciated by our people here. Believe me that you are sending the right message, at the right time and in the right way.


"Here we are in a very courageous way, fighting the Israelis, struggling against them, and we believe your work will complete and fulfil our mission in another way and in another style.


"Please continue your good work.


"We are together one front against Israel, against the United States and its tyranny, and against all the Western hegemony and imperialism. It is time for liberation, it is time for action. Long live Palestine! Long live Gaza! Long live the International Assembly! May God help us all."

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