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Mar 09, 2004
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Head of PLO Political Bureau Faruq Qaddumi: We Are Winning

#3 | 02:01
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Faruq Qaddumi, head of the PLO Political Bureau, was interviewed by the privately owned Egyptian channel, Dream2 TV. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Farouq Qaddumi: These challenges concern the fate of the Arabs, Arab unity, and the Arab resources. [The US] is trying to take control over these resources, particularly the oil resource that is, as far as the West is concerned, strategic raw material, because it runs all its factories.

At every opportunity, the US is told: You... That is, the Arab attitude towards it [the US] has become one of hatred in the Middle East, and its presence in the region is unwanted, and it must leave Iraq and take all its forces with it. Whatever the US support for Israel may be, whether political, economic, or otherwise, Israel is becoming weaker, primarily as a result of the resistance and the political siege on it, even by the peoples of Europe.

I want you to see the matter as a match between two boxers, who, it can be said, are in the tenth or twelfth round. It is inconceivable that one of the two has the same enthusiasm and strength as he had at the beginning of the match. Therefore, I say that both are suffering. This one suffers and that one suffers. But relatively speaking, the Palestinian people is in the winning position.

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