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Jan 31, 2024
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Hamas Official Ali Baraka: Lebanon Should Transfer Palestinian Refugees To Israeli Border, So That UNIFIL Will Be Responsible For Them; If You Want To Liberate Your Land, You Cannot Keep Counting Martyrs – The Families In Gaza Are Not Complaining

#10855 | 02:59
Source: Online Platforms - "Spot Shot (Lebanon) on YouTube"

Hamas official Ali Baraka said in a January 31, 2024 interview with Spot Shot Online (Lebanon) that Hamas is a national liberation movement, and national liberation movements do not keep count of their martyrs, wounded, or prisoners. He continued to say that Algeria, Vietnam, and Russia all sacrificed millions of their people on the path of liberation. Baraka said that no one has seen any family members of the martyrs in Gaza complaining about Hamas. He stated: “We are martyrdom-seekers.” Baraka further said that Lebanon should threaten to transfer the Palestinian refugees to the southern border with Israel and lay the responsibility for their return with UNIFIL.

Ali Baraka: "Inshallah, you and I will pray at the Liberated Al-Aqsa Mosque soon. It will take less than five years."

Interviewer: "Is this just optimism? Or is it based on military and political plans for the region? Or is it just religious vision?"

Baraka: "This is a political-religious analysis, which proves that...First of all, the Zionist enemy has an eighth-decade complex. There were two states for the Jews, after Solomon's kingdom: Israel and Judea. One lasted 76 years, and the other 80 years. Netanyahu, Barak, and others are saying that the State of Israel will not last more than 80 years. We have already entered their 76th year, so we have four years left to 80. These are the calculations of the Jews.


Baraka: "Hamas is a national liberation movement. National liberation movements do not keep count of martyrs, wounded people, or prisoners, on the path for liberation. If we, as a national liberation movement, or as the Palestinian people who strive to liberate our land, start calculating how many thousands of martyrs there are every time we go to war, we would not go to war and there would be no resistance. How did Algeria liberate its land? It sacrificed millions of martyrs. How did Vietnam liberate its land from America? Three millions Vietnamese were killed in the war for liberation. Even Russia in WWII sacrificed 20 million Russians in the war against the Nazis.

"If you want to liberate your land, you do not count the number of martyrs and victims, because you strive to liberate your land. We consider Palestine to be a sacred and blessed land. We are martyrdom-seekers. We have not seen any family member of the martyrs in Gaza complaining about the resistance. All the families of the martyrs say that this is a sacrifice for the resistance. One mother of a martyr said: 'I hope God gives me 12 more boys, so that they can be martyred while defending Palestine, Jerusalem, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


"If Lebanon and Palestine oppose the refugee-resettlement, they need to seek other solutions for the Right of Return. Therefore, they should transfer the Palestinians, or threaten to do so, to the [Israeli] border, to Naqura, to Fatima Gate, to Maroun Al-Ras...They should be transferred to the border areas in South Lebanon. We should lay the responsibility on the international community. You have UNIFIL forces there? By all means. UNIFIL in south Lebanon will be responsible for the return of the refugees and for the implementation of UN resolution 194."

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