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Jan 31, 2024
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Hamas Official Ali Baraka On Hizbullah TV: We Can Repeat October 7 Many Times; The Mujahideen Stormed The Gaza Envelope And Tomorrow They Will Storm The Galilee, Israel From Wherever They Can

#10861 | 01:27
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Hamas official Ali Baraka said on a January 30, 2024 show on Al-Manar TV [Lebanon-Hizbullah] that Palestinians can repeat the "Al-Aqsa Storm" on October 7, many times. He said that the mujahideen stormed the Gaza Envelope on October 7, and "tomorrow" they will storm the Galilee, and he added that they will storm into Israel "from wherever they can." Baraka said that October 7 has "turned the tables," Israel did not expect a ground assault, and once the mujahideen, stormed into it, it started to collapse. He said: "we can defeat them. the world has changed."

Ali Baraka: "The 'Al-Aqsa Flood' has turned the tables. First of all, Israel is no longer capable of protecting the Arab regimes. America is busy with China, Russia, and Ukraine, so it delegated to Israel the protection of its allies. But came along the Palestinian resistance and turned the tables. Times have changed. We will not return to how we were prior to October 7. Israel is fragile.

"We can repeat October 7 many times, because once you storm, they collapse. This is how it works with Israel. They fight you from afar. When they mujahideen stormed [Israel], they did not do it right away. First, they shot the cameras on the fences. Then, they sent UAVs towards the watch towers, which activated in the Gaza Envelope settlements, and the settlers, as well as the soldiers, went down to the bomb shelters.

"They did not expect a ground assault, because they couldn't imagine that any Arab would dare to attack them. They were bullheaded because of how they defeated the Arab armies. But today, things have changed. Today, the Arab fighters storm in. They stormed [the Gaza Envelope] and tomorrow, they will storm the Galilee. They will storm in from wherever they can. We can defeat them. The world has changed."


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