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Aug 25, 2023
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Senior Hamas Official Saleh Al-Arouri: We Want War With Israel, Will Shut Down Israel's Airspace, Seaports, Electricity, Water Supply, And Communications, Bringing Its Economy To A Standstill

#10453 | 02:21
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Saleh Al-Arouri said in an August 25, 2023 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that a "total war" with Israel is inevitable, that the Palestinian people want such a war, and that that Hamas is preparing for it by meeting with all the "parties" that would participate in it. He said that in this war, Israel will not have the advantages it had in past wars with Arab armies, since it has these advantages in classical warfare scenarios, but not in unconventional warfare scenarios. He also said that in a "total conflict", Israel's airspace, seaports, electricity, water supply, and communications will be shut down. In addition, he said that Hamas is capable of imposing a curfew in Israel and bringing its economy to a standstill.

Saleh Al-Arouri: "A total war has become inevitable. We all consider it necessary. We want it. At the resistance axis, the Palestinian people, and our nation, we want this total war. It is not [just] something we say in the media. We talk about it behind closed doors. We are meeting with all the parties that [will take part] in this total war, and we are discussing together the different scenarios and possibilities. We are convinced that it is possible for us... Not that it is possible. We will certainly defeat them.

"Wars have changed. The war will not be like the one in 1967, when the Israeli air force destroyed the Arab air forces, and then was free to hunt down the Arab armies. This will not happen again. The war in Ukraine changed things. Now there are precision weapons, smart weapons, cyber warfare. War has changed and the means of war have changed."

Interviewer: "The tactics have changed..."

Al-Arouri: "Even the weapons have changed. The classic warfare of [regular] armies has changed, as proved by the Ukraine war. Since its foundation, Israel has relied on its superiority in classic warfare. They themselves are surprised by the new achievements of weapons, which can be obtained by non-state entities.

"Therefore, we are convinced that if a total conflict begins, the airspace and seaports of this entity will be shut down, and they will not be able to live without electricity, water, and communications.

"In an open war, they will have a curfew and their economy will come to a standstill."

Interviewer: "You are capable of doing all this?"

Al-Arouri: "Yes, we can."

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