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Jul 02, 2018
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Germany-Based Salafi Cleric Abul Baraa Calls for a "Show of Hands": Who Wants to Die Right Now and Meet Allah?

#6756 | 02:58
Source: Online Platforms

Germany-Based Salafi cleric Ahmad Armih, who goes by the name of Abul Baraa, gave a lecture titled "Is a Muslim Allowed to Be Afraid of Death?" In it, he talked about the "wonderful feeling" of wanting to meet Allah, with quivering heart and "tears rolling down your face." Asking "who wants to die right now and meet Allah and calling for a "show of hands" - assuring his listeners that he was not calling on them to go on a suicide mission - he was disappointed that only two or three hands were raised. The lecture was posted on his Facebook page and on the Facebook page of As Sirat Germany on July 2, 2018. In another lecture, posted on July 13, he criticized the Islamic Conference in Germany, claiming that it was composed of infidels.

Following are excerpts:


Salafi Cleric Abul Baraa on July 2, 2018: Our topic, dear brothers and sisters, is whether a Muslim should be afraid of death. When did you last feel the desire to meet Allah? And when you had this wonderful feeling, and tears were rolling down your face, and your heart started to quiver, were you among those who could hardly wait to meet Allah? Have you ever had this feeling at all?




When the Angel of Death asked [Moses] how long he wanted to live, [Moses] asked: "What comes afterwards?" [The Angel] said: "Then you will die." So [Moses] said: "I want to die now." Do you want to die now? And you? And what about you? Straight away? Don't worry, I'm not telling you to go on a suicide mission. I'm asking you all if you want to die now. I want to see a show of hands: Who wants to die right now, on the spot? This is the proof that we are very far from Allah. Allah Akbar. That is the proof. This is the proof that we are… what? Very far from Allah. Only two or three out of all the people here raised their hands to signal that they want to die right now.




On July 13, 2018: We have a so-called "Islamic Conference" [in Germany.] Who assembled this Islamic conference? The infidels. There are infidels in the conference, like the Alawites, like the Qadianiah – who call themselves Ahmadiyya, but don't deserve that name… There is a consensus among all scholars that these are infidels. Think about it – infidels are representing your religion. Who else? The Shiites, who have nothing to do with our religion. They have a different religion – and I've talked about their evil before. Who represents us? These are the people who form the Islamic Conference.




So they have an assembly of people who do not represent us. Worse still, now the government is saying that it wants the Islamic Conference to have members representing "German Islam."

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