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Jan 07, 2021
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General Hossein Salami Commander-In-Chief Of The IRGC: Our Ballistic Missile Power Is Non-Negotiable; Iran Has So Many Missiles It Has Trouble Storing Them

#8611 | 03:31
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

General Hossein Salami, commander-in-Chief of the IRGC spoke about Iran's ballistic missile capability on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) on January 7, 2021. He said that Iran now has so many missiles that they have a problem finding depots to store them all. Salami said that Iran's missile power is one of its essential "pillars of deterrence." He added that the issue of Iran's ballistic missiles is non-negotiable, and its "fundamental policy" regarding the missiles will enable it to conduct a lengthy missile war. Salami added that seeing that the Trump era is drawing to a close, and it seems unlikely that the U.S. would enter into a long war in the region, at the behest of Saudi Arabia or Israel. Regarding the "reactionary and lackey countries" that have normalized relations with Israel, Salami said that Iran "will not overlook and we will not forgive any country that becomes a source of threat [...] anyone who hosts threats [against Iran] will have to pay the price for that."

Gen. Hossein Salami: "The missile power of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of our essential pillars of deterrence. This offensive power multiplies every day. Thanks to Allah, we created this force in [Iran], in terms of the technology. We acquired technologies that improve the range of the missiles. In terms of accuracy, our ballistic missiles are several times faster than the speed of sound, and they are able to strike both stationary and moving targets with 100% precision. Today, there is practically no limit to the number of our missiles, so much so, that we have a problem finding depots for storing these missiles, because our ability to manufacture [missiles] is very high, thanks to Allah.


"Therefore, this issue [of Iran's ballistic missiles] is a red line for us. It is not an issue for negotiations at all. [Iran's ballistic missile program] cannot be terminated or modified in any way. We have fundamental policy regarding the development and enhancement of our missiles, which enables us to conduct a missile war at the time that we choose, for a long period of time – a missile war in which we will strike all of the enemy targets in the region.


"Seeing that the Trump era is drawing to a close, one way or the other, we think that it is unlikely that the U.S. would start such a prolonged war in this region, where all its bases are located and all its interests are under threat, [just] for the sake of the Saudis' interests. But I would like to address all the reactionary and lackey countries, which are the products of the American policies, and maintain the [Americans'] interests, countries that try to renew their ties with the Zionist entity, as some of them have done. I declare that we will not overlook and we will not forgive any country that becomes a source of threat for the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will not focus only on the place from which an attack on us was launched. Anyone who hosts threats [against Iran] will have to pay the price for that, in case anything happens. We are serious about this issue and it is a part of our plans."

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