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Dec 29, 2023
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Friday Sermon At Islamic Center Of Frisco, Texas, By Ghaith Arodaki: This Did Not Start On October 7 — The Jews Are Cursed By Allah; They Control The Media, Financial, Political, Social Systems, Spread Corruption, Fornication, Murder

#10776 | 04:19
Source: Online Platforms - "the Islamic Center of Frisco on YouTube"

During a December 29, 2023, Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Frisco, Texas, which was streamed live on the mosque's YouTube channel, Ghaith Arodaki said that the Jews are cursed by Allah. He said that "this has not started on October 7," but when Satan committed the sin of arrogance. He said that the Jews manipulate and control the media, financial, political, and social systems. Arodaki added that the Jews are guided by Satan and that they spread corruption, fornication, and murder. According to online sources, Ghaith Arodaki is an entrepreneur and a recent graduate of San Jose State University.

Ghaith Arodaki: "Every single day, we recite the Al-Fatiha chapter of the Quran five times a day, and at the end, we recite: 'Guide us along the Straight Path, the Path of those You have blessed—not those who have incurred Your wrath, or those who were misguided.' The interpreters explained this verse to mean three categories of people: 'Those who You have blessed,' and they said it means the Muslims. 'Those who have incurred Your wrath.' 'Those that You have cursed,' they said it [is] meant to be the Jews. 'Those who were misguided,' and it was said to be the Christians.

"Brothers and sisters, what is going on today in Gaza, this is not something recent, it is not something that has started on October 7, and it is not also something that has started 80 years ago. It is something that started from that moment. The people that are distributing corruption in the land, they have been doing it since Satan did that sin [of arrogance]. Satan is their guidance. Satan is their mentor. Satan is their teacher. When Moses was crossing the [Red] Sea, the same people witnessed the miracle of Allah, they saw the sea parting in two, Allah opening a path for them through the sea, so they can walk peacefully and safely onto the other shore, so Pharaoh cannot catch them. Right after this, what did they do, what did they ask of Moses? We want a god, an idol, can you make an idol for us that we can worship?

"Cursed people are people who know the truth, who understand the truth, who know what's right from what's wrong, but they decide: 'We will follow the corrupted path. We will follow the evil path.' Just like Satan said: "I will mislead them all." Those cursed people, that is what they are doing, with the media, the financial system, the political and social system that they have been manipulating and controlling for the past two centuries at least. They are the tool of Satan, misguiding others, misguiding Christians, Muslims, atheists, every other religion. They are misguiding them because they want to keep them obedient and ignorant, to continue to work for their own benefit and their own good.

"What they are doing in Palestine—the purpose of it is not what they claim. It is not peace, it is not to return to the homeland. The true reason why they are doing what they are doing is to continue to spread corruption, interest, murder, stealing, fornication. That is the purpose of what they are doing."

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