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Jun 05, 2020
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Raleigh N.C. Imam Oliver S. Muhammad: The Image Of A White Jesus Is A Subliminal Message That Feeds White Supremacy, Injustice All Over The World

#8070 | 01:32
Source: The Internet - "Islamic Association of Raleigh on YouTube"

At a Friday, June 5, 2020 sermon at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, NC, Imam Oliver S. Muhammad said that the root of injustice and of white supremacy is the image of a white Jesus, which he said is a subliminal message that causes white supremacists to believe that they are better than everybody else. He said that the effect of this image can be seen in the context of economic oppression, slavery, and colonization. He then stated that as long as this image of Jesus continues to exist, white supremacists will have something that feeds their sense of superiority. The Islamic Association of Raleigh is a regular participant in local interfaith events.

Oliver S. Muhammad: "We have to understand the root of the injustices that we see in this world."


"White supremacy has its roots in - what? - in the misrepresentation of Allah, in this picture they have all around the world, on every continent that they say is 'issa as issa salam.' It's not him, but it's the image of a white person. And the white supremacist thinkers, they say 'well, that's my image, so it makes me better than everybody because that's the most Supreme Being.'"


"Whether it is economic oppression or slavery, whether it is politics, whether it is colonization, wherever this image is projected, you can see that those societies, or the people that come under that influence, are subject. They have been influenced by this imagery of white supremacists. It's a subliminal message."


"As long as that image continues to exist, white supremacy-minded thinking people will always have something to feed their sense of superiority."

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