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Mar 01, 2023
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Former Palestinian Authority Security Chief Mohammed Dahlan: We Have Spent 30 Years On The Two-State Solution, But Now It Is Dead, Nothing More Than A Pipe Dream; We Should Demand A One-State Solution With Equal Rights

#10152 | 03:22
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Former Palestinian Authority security Chief Mohammed Dahlan said in a March 1, 2023 interview on Sky News Arabia (UAE) that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has succeeded in destroying the two-state solution and a "one-state solution" would be better for the Palestinians. He explained that if the Palestinian territories are annexed, as some Israeli government members have called for, it would be "easy" for the Palestinians to persuade the international community and parts of Israeli society to transform the Israeli apartheid state into one state "with equal rights".

Mohammed Dahlan: "The starting point is recognizing the Palestinian state vis-à-vis the state of Israel. Then we can negotiate the borders. We may reach an understanding about this. Any Palestinian leader may reach an understanding about this with Israel. But to negotiate with an existing state, which is recognized by the international community, while the [Palestinian] state constitutes wishful thinking — its borders, its shape, and its character are all unknown — and yet you talk about a two-state solution... This is why I demand a one-state solution. The two-state solution is a false slogan. Netanyahu destroyed this [solution]. [Israeli cabinet members] Smotrich and Ben-Gvir have a public plan to abolish the idea of a two-state solution."

Reporter: "So in your view, the two-state solution is dead."

Dahlan: "Netanyahu says it is dead. Smotrich says it is dead. That lunatic Ben-Gvir says it is dead. So how come we are so sure it is still alive?


"The two-state solution is over. We should become convinced, among ourselves, that Israel has destroyed the two-state solution and therefore, clinging to this solution is like clinging to a pipe dream. I am one of the people who defended the two-state solution and invested in it personal efforts for 30 years because I had hope. We must not cling to this hope, because it has turned into a pipe dream. Israel has destroyed it. So what is the alternative? Israel makes the alternative easy. Smotrich makes the alternative easy for us when he says that he would annex the Palestinian people and the West Bank and that there is no such thing as the 'State of Palestine.' Personally, I say: Yes. We agree to that. One state with equal rights. We spent 30 years of our lives on the two-state solution which was destroyed completely — politically, legally, in terms of geography, and so on. The one-state solution leads us to a state that can be racist like South Africa was, or a state where there are equal rights. The conflict with Israel will be easier in such a case. Israel will not agree to such a thing. I know this. But should I continue fighting for a pipe dream or should I start fighting for a real thing about which I can persuade part of Israeli society and the international community will not be able to refuse that. To tell me I am wrong, or to tell me this is a pipe dream.


"We should start a new battle — the battle for a one-state solution — and let Israel reject it. For 30 years, Israel has been telling the West that they are making us offers and we reject them. Fine. Now, we are offering you a one-state solution with equal rights and we are ready to accept this. Let them reject this. There are dynamics at play, but this is not a slogan. It is a serious thing. This is a real and serious battle that addresses the core of the occupation.


"I hope that Netanyahu succeeds in his plan and manages to destroy the Israeli judiciary. This is an internal Israeli thing, I just hope he succeeds."

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