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Oct 20, 2018
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Qadhafi's Cousin Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam, A Former Libyan Official: Iran Has a Right to Nuclear Weapons and So Do We

#6812 | 02:19
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

Former Libyan intelligence official Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam, a cousin of former Libyan ruler Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi, spoke about what he called a "Western plot" to topple the Islamic regimes. During the interview, he said: "They have now found out that Libya had nothing to do with [the Lockerbie bombing]." Asked by the Sada Elbalad TV interviewer why the Libyan authorities had paid compensation to the victims' families, Qadhaf Al-Dam responded: "We took from the West more than we paid." He explained that Libya collected $7 billion from American companies that wanted access to Libya oil. Qadhaf Al-Dam said that Iran, as well as the Arabs, have a right to nuclear weapons for "self-defense." The interview aired on October 20, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: The West was planning to topple these [Islamic] regimes from way back. As I've always been saying, this plot targets all the [Islamic countries]. Whether we are talking about Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or any of those countries – they are all being targeted, and even Qatar. But they are using us one against the other. Who would have thought that the U.S. would besiege Turkey, and would cause the lira to hit rock bottom? Or that the U.S. would plan a coup? Turkey is a U.S. ally. It recognizes the Zionist enemy, and it is trying to bootlick the West to be included in the EU. We have known this very well. Is Iran being targeted because of the nuclear bomb? No. It's because it is a Muslim country. Pakistan and India have the nuclear bomb, and the Persian nation has the right to have it too.

Host: And we should have it too?

Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: Of course. We have the right to self-defense. Therefore, we in Libya invested lots of efforts to get there, but unfortunately, they hit us with the Lockerbie affair… By the way, they have now found out that Libya had nothing to do with this. Libya was exonerated. Okay, but they should apologize to the Libyans and compensate them.




Host: So why did you turn your people in and let them stand trial?  Why did you pay compensation if you hadn't done anything?

Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: They isolated us for seven years or more with their unjust resolution.




Host: Why did you pay that compensation – the largest in history?

Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: It looked as if we paid, but we didn't pay the entire sum. In addition, we imposed taxes on all the American companies. They all had to pay us in order to be allowed back into Libya. We took from the West more than we paid.

Host: You didn't pay them three billion dollars?

Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: We did, but we took seven.

Host: You paid three and took seven?

Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: From their companies…

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