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Sep 01, 2023
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Former Lebanese Cabinet Minister Wiam Wahhab: A War By Iran And Its Proxies Against U.S. Forces East Of The Euphrates Is The Only Way To Lift The Siege On Syria

#10474 | 01:31
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

In a September 1, 2023, show on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon), former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab spoke about recent reports about increased U.S. military activity on the border between Iraq and Syria. He said that if the United States seals off the border between the two countries, it will face direct war with Iran, Hizbullah, Syria, the Arab tribes, and the Iraqi PMU. He also said that the only way "to lift the siege on Syria" is to launch a war against U.S. forces east of the Euphrates River and against the Israelis.

Minister Wiam Wahhab: "If you ask me, I can tell you that launching a war against the Americans east of the Euphrates and against the Israelis is the only way to lift the siege on Syria. This is my opinion."

Interviewer: "Sayyed (Nasrallah) said to the Americans: ‘If you want war, you are more than welcome.’"

Wahhab: "Of course. If they try to cut (Syria off from Iraq), there will be war. This issue has been resolved. It’s a done deal. It has been determined by the Iranians, by the Iraqis, and by Hizbullah."

Interviewer: "If they try to cut Syria off from Iraq..."

Wahhab: "People applaud them and think this war is waged on YouTube...Those people who come up with all kinds of theories are idiots. They come up with theories and scenarios about how (the U.S.) can close the border between Iraq and Syria. The Iraq-Syria border is 1,000 kilometers, man. They cannot cut it off. If they do, they will have their heads cut off. There are people here who will confront them. They won’t watch from the sidelines."

Interviewer: "Who will confront the Americans in such a case?"

Wahhab: "Hizbullah, the Syrians, a group of Arab tribes that carry out attacks against the SDF and the Americans, the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Iranians directly."

Interviewer: "So there will be a direct war between the Americans and the people of the region."  

Wahhab: "Of course. With the entire axis. Absolutely. The decision has been taken."

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