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Jan 23, 2009
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Former Guantanamo Prisoners, Leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Threaten Western and Arab Countries

#1997 | 03:48
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from an interview with leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which aired on the Al-Faluja Islamist forum on January 23, 2009.

Deputy leader Abu Sufyan Al-Azadi Said Al-Shihri, former prisoner No. 372 in Guantanamo: I say to our blessed nation of virtue, sacrifice, Jihad, and martyrdom: May Allah reward you on behalf of my fellow Guantanamo prisoners and myself. Your support was second only to that of Allah. You stood by us and shared our pain. Your prayers helped us persevere and remain steadfast. May Allah reward you for what your sons have done in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Chechnya, and in other Muslim countries – Jihad and martyrdom in support of Islam and the release of its prisoners.


We want to clarify to our beloved nation what these treacherous rulers have done, with regard to [the prison in] Cuba. They collaborated with the Americans by sending security service agents to Cuba to interrogate us, to extract confessions from us, and to level accusations against us. This led to our being tortured. I place my faith in Allah. We emphasize to our leaders and sheiks – Sheik Osama Bin Laden, may Allah protect him, and Sheik Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri – that we adhere to our pledge and continue our Jihad. Our imprisonment only strengthened our adherence to the principles for which we set out on Jihad and were imprisoned.


Abu Basir Nasser Al-Wheishi, Emir of the Al-Qaeda Al-Jihad organization in the Arabian Peninsula: ...Until we will be able to purify the Arabian Peninsula from the filth of the hate-filled occupiers and their treacherous collaborators, and advance toward our brothers in Gaza and Palestine.


Oh Muslim nation, you must confront the people who rule the land of Islam – either they advance the armies towards Gaza and Baghdad, or allow the peoples to march, with or without weapons, until they lock in battle with the Jews, or fight the treacherous rulers, so they can reach Jerusalem and Gaza the next day.


The demonstrations must be followed by bombings, and civil disobedience by military rage. We must cut off the support of the Zio-Crusader campaign, and kill all the Crusaders on our land. We must destroy Western interests, until Europe and the U.S. stop supporting the Jews.


Military commander Abu Hureira Qassem Al-Rimi: I have a message to Hassan Nasrallah. Tell me: Why all this crying over Gaza and its people? Didn't you say that you had approximately 20,000 missiles, all of which are capable of reaching Tel Aviv? Aren't our brothers in Gaza worthy of you supporting them by sending 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 missiles, instead of all this crying and accusing of others? Or is the land of Lebanon more precious to you than Palestinian Muslim blood? Tell me, by God, what is the difference between you and Husni Mubarak? Husni is the Jews' safety valve in Egypt, and you are their safety valve in Lebanon.


Field commander Abu Hareth Muhammad Al-'Aufi, former prisoner No. 333 in Guantanamo: I say to that U.S. collaborator, the Haman of the Saud clan, Naif bin Abd Al-'Aziz, who humiliated our people and brothers in order to please America, that we hold the hand grenade of our late brother 'Ali Al-Mu'abadi, and we swear in the name of Allah that we will carry out the pledge or die trying, unless you repent and stop your war against Islam and the Muslims.

’Ali Al-Mu'abadi "who carried out the Al-Muhayya operation against the Crusaders' compound in Riyadh": Yes, you will receive a message from us, but it won't be a verbal one, Allah willing. If my brothers had not sworn to me that they would deliver this gift to you, I would have remained alive to deliver it to you myself. But our brothers took an oath to give you this gift, which you will never forget.

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