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Dec 23, 2020
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Former Egyptian Diplomat Mostafa El Feki: Arab-Israeli Normalization Is A Major Breakthrough; The Barrier Between The Arabis And Israel Has Been Lifted

#8578 | 01:37
Source: MBC Misr TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)

Former Egyptian diplomat Mostafa El Feki said in a December 23, 2020 interview on MBC Masr TV (Egypt/Saudi Arabia) that the normalization between Israel and some Arab countries is a major breakthrough in the region, which will also benefit the Palestinians. He said that the removal of the barrier between the Arabs and Israel has allowed for more direct contact between Israel and the Palestinians, and that "cutting to the chase" is the only way to bring about a breakthrough in relations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mostafa El Feki: "I think that there is a major breakthrough in the Arab-Israeli conflict in the region. This is equal to everything that had been done here in the past 80 years. The taboo is starting to break, regardless of either side's views. The reality is that the barrier between the two sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict is gone. Also, in my opinion, this is a better situation for the Palestinian Cause, although some people might think the opposite. I think these contact... A straight line is the fastest way from point 'A' to point 'B.' What happened with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, and other countries marks a whole new era in the history of the region."


Interviewer: "How does [Arab-Israeli normalization] serve the Palestinian Cause?"

El Feki: "I believe that cutting to the chase and ignoring formalities is the only way to bring about some kind of breakthrough. I don't think that the [Palestinians] can stand up and shout about [Egyptian singer] Muhammad Ramadan, meeting with an Israeli... This doesn't make any sense. What's next?"

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