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Nov 25, 2015
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Former Deputy Interior Minister Bassiouni Challenges ISIS to Attack All Over Egypt, Not Just in Sinai

#5189 | 57
Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)

In a November 25, 2015 interview on Egypt's Channel 1 TV, Magdy Bassiouni, former deputy minister of the interior, said that if ISIS were "real men," they would attack elsewhere in Egypt and not just in Al-Arish. "Why don't they demonstrate their skillfulness in the other 26 governorates of Egypt?" he asked.

Following are excerpts:

Magdy Al-Bassiouni: Regardless of the incident [in the Sinai], which is currently under investigation, our situation is not comparable to what is happening elsewhere. Look what's happening in France, in Belgium, in Nigeria, in Tunisia… We are nowhere near that… Especially since [ISIS attacked] in El-Arish. Why don't they demonstrate their skillfulness in the other 26 governorates of Egypt? What has happened in the meantime? Elections were held… Why are you laughing?

Interviewer: Because we don't really want them to demonstrate anything…

Magdy Al-Bassiouni: What?

Interviewer: You challenged them to demonstrate their skillfulness…

Magdy Al-Bassiouni: If they were real men, they would [carry out attacks] here. But they are bats. They prefer the mountainous terrain.


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