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Jun 16, 2004
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Former Dean of Humanities at Cairo's Ein Shams University:9/11 was 100% American

#124 | 01:25
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Former Dean of Humanities at Cairo's 'Ein Shams University, Mustafa Shak'a, was interviewed by the Saudi-based Islamic channel, Iqra TV. Shak'a attributed the 9/11 terror attack to the US and the Jews. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Shak'a: To this day, we don't know who attacked the US on September 11. Why is the attack attributed to Bin Laden although it has not been proven that he was involved in the operation? It is way above his capabilities. Those who created him have made him a legend.

The operation was 100% American, and this is not the place to elaborate, but what proves the operation was a Jewish one is that five Jews climbed up a high building and filmed the first attack of the first plane?

Moderator: Before it happened?

Shaka: Yes, before anything was known. They caused a commotion, then the police were called and arrested them and it turned out they were Jews. They were interrogated for a week. This was reported in Records, one of the reliable newspapers in the US. Ha'aretz also reported they were arrested. They were released a week later without their investigation being completed, which angered the US Justice Ministry and the FBI. Their investigation was not completed. Therefore, the attack was an internal American one, but was attributed to Islam from the very first moment.

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