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Nov 18, 2013
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Former British Boxer Anthony Small: The Killing of Leaders by Drone Attacks Will Not End Our Jihad

#4062 | 05:00
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered in London by former British boxer Anthony Small, a.k.a. Abdul Haqq. The sermon was posted on the Internet on November 18, 2013

Anthony Small: Brothers, just about a week ago, the leader of Pakistan Taliban, brother Hakimullah Mehsud, Allah's mercy upon him, was killed by an American drone. But is it not about time that the enemies of Islam learn or realize that the victory of Islam and the establishment of the shari'a does not rest upon the head of one individual? We place our trust in the power of Allah.

When will they learn? At the front of the struggle, many years ago, there was a man by the name of Sayyid Qutb, Allah's mercy upon him. The enemies of Islam said: "Look, all we have to do is kill this man here, make an example out of him, and that's it – these radicals and extremists, this Islam that contradicts our own way of life, will be finished." We place our trust in the power of Allah.

Yet, look at it. Who was it that the works of Sayiid Qutb inspired, if not the likes of Sheik Abdullah Azzam, Allah's mercy upon him? They said: "All we've got to do now is kill Sheik Abdullah Azzam, and that's it – the struggle will be over. Just kill this individual, and that's it – the struggle will be over." Lo and behold, they gave martyrdom to Sheik Abdullah Azzam, and he passed the torch on to... whom? We place our trust in the power of Allah... To the reviver of this nation in this past century, Sheik Osama Bin Laden, who was also inspired by the works of Sheik Abdullah Azzam. We place our trust in the power of Allah...

We find that the enemies of Islam, with their basic understanding about this religion being something that is in the hearts and the minds of the nation, not resting upon the head of any individual... When they killed Sheik Osama Bin Laden... You saw them in their ignorance. There was dancing in the White House. Yet within their own lands, you had Muslims shouting... what? "Obama, Obama we all are Osama." You see this.

So they killed one man, then you've got people all around the world saying: "You killed him, but we all reflect Osama. We all carry the ideology of Osama." We place our trust in the power of Allah.

We find, with the recent killing of Hakimullah Mehsud... He has been replaced by Maulana Fazlullah, who is said to be even more ruthless than his predecessor. We don't say "ruthless." We call it more fundamental in his establishment and his sacrifice, to have Allah's law established upon the Earth. That's what we call it. They call him "ruthless." We call him more fundamental. We call him more dedicated to the struggle. We place our trust in the power of Allah.

Even in his own words... Listen to this. He says: "We will eliminate anything in the way of achieving our goals." What is his goal? To establish Allah's religion, the shari'a, to remove anything in the way of our goal. You see, that's quite extreme. But it doesn't stop there, it goes: "Whether it be father, brother..." - he's talking about his own father, his own brother... Allah Akbar. That's extreme. "Father or brother, soldier or police..." We place our trust in the power of Allah. Those are heavy words. That's who's replaced... He's the successor to the former head of Pakistan Taliban, and he has also vowed revenge for his predecessor.

You've got to realize, brothers, that the drone, which they use to fly over the heads of the Muslims and drop the bombs, are known as the AGM 114 – what do they call it? – "Hellfire" missiles. Those infidels! They named their own weapons "Hellfire." They all know about Hellfire, and it's not in the way of no unmanned drone. But these bombs... one single individual bomb costs them $68,000. We place our trust in the power of Allah... on one brother they dropped four of them – that's $272,000 to kill one individual. We place our trust in the power of Allah. Plus the price of fuel..

And you think to yourself that if the infidels want to say to any sincere Muslim: "We are going to pay $272,000 to send you to Paradise" – what would you say? You'd say: "Bring it on! Send me and my companion as well." Allah Akbar.


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