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Nov 12, 2021
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Former Saudi Ambassador To Lebanon Abdulaziz Khoja: Hizbullah Is Iran's Trojan Horse In Lebanon, It Is Our Enemy – We Should Not Be Expected To Deal With Lebanon's Government Since Hizbullah Is Part Of It

#9189 | 03:03

Former Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Abdulaziz Khoja said in a November 12, 2021 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that Saudi Arabia should not be expected to deal with the Lebanese government because it includes members and supporters of Hizbullah, which he said is Saudi Arabia's enemy. He said that Iran has been trying to gain access to the Mediterranean Sea since its wars with Sparta, and that it has been successfully using Hizbullah as a Trojan horse to achieve this goal. Ambassador Khoja also said that Hizbullah provides training and Iranian weapons to the Houthis in Yemen. He added: "It is as if Iran is on our southern border."

Abdulaziz Khoja: "Hizbullah is Iran's Trojan horse, and it uses the story of the resistance and whatever, but this is really not true. It is now a Trojan horse used by Iran. Iran has been trying to reach the warm-water seas of the Mediterranean for thousands of years – since its wars with Sparta, and so on. [Iran] has been trying to gain a foothold in this region, and through Hizbullah, it has succeeded in doing so.


"One third of [Lebanon's] cabinet are Hizbullah members, another third are Hizbullah's allies, and the remaining third fear Hizbullah. The situation has become unbearable. We know that Hizbullah is part of the [Lebanese] government. Hizbullah's Secretary-General [Nasrallah] curses Saudi Arabia, interferes in its affairs, sends aid to the Houthis, trains the Houthis, in southern Lebanon, sends people to Yemen to train the Houthis there, and when weapons arrive from Iran, one way or the other, he sends them to… We have had enough. It is as if Iran is on our southern border.


"Hizbullah's Secretary-General stated some years ago that his war in Yemen – not the war with Israel – is the [real] holy war. There is a recording of this. What else do you need? Can Saudi Arabia deal with a government that includes such a blatant enemy of ours? He does not hide it and does not use diplomatic euphemisms. He says this loud and clear. He openly declares that his Jihad or his war against us in Yemen is a holy war. How can we deal with a government that includes such a voice?"

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