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Jan 14, 2024
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Former Palestinian Ambassador To India Osama Al-Ali Slams Hamas For Fighting From Residential Areas, Adds: 'Thanks To The Oslo Accords, We Regained Control Of Palestinian Cities, A Million Palestinians Returned To The West Bank'

#10823 | 01:21
Source: TRT TV (Turkey)

Member of the Palestinian National Council and former Palestinian ambassador to India, Osama Al-Ali criticized Hamas on a January 14, 2024, show on TRT Network (Turkey) for waging resistance in residential areas. He said that resistance should be waged from mountains and caves, not people's homes. Al-Ali said that rockets should not be fired from people's homes, and that if rockets were fired from within the city of Nablus, this would give Israel the right to come and destroy the city. He said that the Oslo Accords have brought many achievements, such as the return of "a million" Palestinians, and the Palestinian Authority taking over the cities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Osama Al-Ali: "By means of the Oslo Accords, we brought back to Palestine one million people, and I was one of those people. We established the first Palestinian entity on Palestinian land in history. For the first time in history, we raised Palestinian flags in the Palestinian cities of the West Bank. We regained the cities of the West Bank. We even got Gaza from Israel as part of the Oslo Accords. The Hamas took over Gaza through an evil coup…

"You want us to conduct 'resistance' in the West Bank so that the same thing that happened in Gaza will happen there? We are ready…Tomorrow, we will launch resistance in the West Bank so that the same thing that happened in Gaza will happen there. You don't wage resistance from people's houses, inside cities. You wage your resistance from mountains and from caves. We would wage our resistance from caves, not from Amman. You people are waging resistance from inside homes. That is a mistake. Imagine what would happen if rockets were fired from Nablus. What would Israel do? You'd be giving it the right to come and destroy Nablus."

Interviewer: "But Israel is attacking Nablus every day, even without rockets being fired…"

Al-Ali: "Rockets should not be fired from people's homes."

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