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Feb 09, 2021
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Former Lebanese MP Misbah Al-Ahdab: Lebanon Was Taken Over By The Mafia Of Hizbullah, Aoun; It Is Not My Republic Anymore

#8682 | 01:32
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Former Lebanese MP Misbah Al-Ahdab said that Lebanon is controlled by Hizbullah, and it does not protect its citizens or serve their interests. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon) on February 9, 2021. Al-Ahdab said that Hizbullah smuggles Lebanese subsidized goods into Syria, and President Michel Aoun is not concerned with the interests of the Lebanese people because he is busy grooming his son-in-law to take his position. He said that he does not consider Lebanon to be his republic but a republic controlled by Hizbullah, Aoun, and the March 14 Alliance, which also only serves its own interests. Ahdab lamented that Lebanon has been "taken over by a mafia."

Interviewer: "Does Hizbullah run the country today?"

Misbah Al-Ahdab: "Who else? Me?"

Interviewer: "What about Michel Aoun?"

Al-Ahdab: "He is busy grooming his son-in-law to take his place."

Interviewer: "But isn't he the President of the Republic today?"

Al-Ahdab: "He is."

Interviewer: "He is the president of your republic..."

Al-Ahdab: "No."

Interviewer: "What do you mean 'no'?"

Al-Ahdab: "This republic is not mine."

Interviewer: "So whose republic is it?"

Al-Ahdab: "Everybody knows whose republic this is. When this republic wants to guard trucks, it orders its soldiers to guard them. These trucks are loaded with subsidized goods [being smuggled into Syria]. Have I and all the Lebanese paid for these goods, only so they can be taken to support the neighboring Syrian regime? No, I have a problem with that. I am not saying that we should fight the Syrian regime, but we should not be rallied up on its behalf either."

Interviewer: "You are accusing Hizbullah..."

Al-Ahdab: "Hizbullah and Aoun, as well as the March 14 Alliance, who turned a blind eye for the sake of their own interests. This country does not protect Lebanese citizens. Rather, it protects the regional coalition of minorities, which is blowing up Lebanon."

Interviewer: "So today, you are telling me on live TV that Michel Aoun is not the president of your republic."

Al-Ahdab: "As far as I am concerned, this is not my republic."

Interviewer: "What would you call it?"

Al-Ahdab: "Brother, this country was taken over by a mafia."

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