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Feb 06, 2019
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Former Iranian Presidential Advisor Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini: Zionist Entity Must Be Dismantled; Iran Is Sending Arms to Gaza, West Bank

#7001 | 02:01
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Mohammed Sadeq Al-Hosseini, a former advisor to Iran’s president, said in a February 6, 2019 interview on Russia Today TV that Iran’s military capabilities are “directed towards Palestine,” and that Iran is sending weapons to Gaza and the West Bank. He explained that Iran supports Palestinians from every faction – not just the Islamists - and that the factions must be united within a “framework” of guns and armed resistance. He said that Israel must be dismantled peacefully through political means, or by means of the war of the Day of Judgement, for which he said Iran is preparing day and night. He added that the Palestinian cause will only end with the full liberation of Palestine and that Iranians will be the first to enter a purely Palestinian-controlled Palestine.

Following are excerpts:


Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini: Our ammunition, weapons, missiles, and all our military capabilities are currently directed towards Palestine. Weapons are being sent to Gaza and to the West Bank. The Palestinian Arabs within the 1948 borders – they are all currently supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many [Iranian] martyrs have been assassinated around the world by the Mossad and the CIA because they supported the Palestinian rebels and stood by Palestine. By the way, [Iran] supports all types of Palestinians – the leftists, the liberals, the pan-Arabs… It supports them all, not just the Islamists.




The important thing is to turn all efforts toward Palestine, because we believe in the unity of the Palestinian people, and particularly in the unity of the Palestinian factions. But this unity must be within the framework of guns, struggle, popular intifada, and armed factions that would uproot Zionism. This Zionist entity must be dismantled either peacefully or by war. Israel will be dismantled by political means, or by means of the war of the Day of Judgment, for which [Iran] prepares day and night. You shall see that the Iranians will be the first to enter into Palestine under a unified, popular, and 100%-pure Palestinian leadership.




The Palestinian cause is a strategic pan-Arab cause that concerns all the Arab and Muslim capitals, and it will end only with the full liberation [of Palestine], from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, Allah willing.

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