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Dec 02, 2023
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Former Egyptian MP Samir Ghattas: Hamas Leaders Who Live In Palaces In Qatar Peddle In The Palestinian Cause; Are They The Ones Whose Children Have Nothing To Eat In Khan Yunis And Rafah?

#10714 | 00:51
Source: MBC Misr TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)

Former Egyptian MP Samir Ghattas said in a December 2, 2023 show on MBC Misr TV (Egypt/Suadi Arabia) that Hamas's leaders who are living in palaces in Doha, Qatar are peddling in the Palestinian cause and the blood of the Palestinian people. He asked whether it is their children who have nothing to eat in Khan Yunis and Rafah.

Samir Ghattas: "[Hamas's Mushir Al-Masri] gave an interview which was quickly deleted. He said that what prevents a deal was Israel's [refusal] to guarantee that it would allow Hamas leaders to leave [Gaza safely]."

TV host: "We asked the brothers in Hamas about this. I asked Haniyeh himself..."

Samir Ghattas: "None of them would admit that, because they want to peddle in the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians' blood. He would not tell you this, because he is in Doha. Is he sitting on ground with nothing to eat in Khan Yunis or Rafah? Are his children unable to find anything to eat? Are they collecting pieces of cardboard so they can light a fire? He is living in a Doha palace, not among the people, who collect wood and cardboard so they can light a fire. He has nothing to do with the [people in Gaza]."

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