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Mar 16, 2024
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Fatah Spokesman Dr. Jamal Nazzal Slams Hamas: Our Leaders Are In Palestine, While Hamas Leaders Live In Luxury In Turkey And Qatar; Al-Arouri's Assassination Led To A Decline In Their IQ Level

#10960 | 02:23
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Fatah spokesman and Revolutionary Council member Dr. Jamal Nazzal responded to Hamas's criticism of President Mahmoud Abbas appointing his new cabinet "unilaterally" in a March 16, 2024 interview with Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia). He said: "The assassination of Saleh Al-Arouri has caused a decline in the IQ level manifest in Hamas's statements." Nazzal added that the Hamas leadership doesn't know what is happening on the ground in Palestine, because its leadership has left Gaza to live in luxury in Turkey, Qatar, and elsewhere. He suggested that Hamas should incorporate in the PLO and support Mahmoud Abbas, who will get them out of this crisis.

Jamal Nazzal: "In a statement published today, Hamas leveled accusations at the Fatah movement and the Palestinian Authority, accusing us of being detached from reality.


"It seems that the assassination of Saleh Al-Arouri, may he rest in peace, has caused a decline in the IQ level manifest in Hamas's statements.

"Hamas is saying that the Palestinian Authority is detached from reality, but all of our leaders are present on Palestine. President Mahmoud Abbas lives with the Palestinian people, whereas the Hamas leaders have left Gaza, and emigrated to Qatar, Turkey, and other countries, where they live in luxury.

"Many of the Hamas leaders living abroad have never visited Palestine. They know Palestine only from the Internet.


"The Palestinian leaders live in Palestine, whereas the Hamas leaders have left Palestine. At the first opportunity, presidents Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat came from abroad into [the West Bank], whereas the Hamas leaders took the first opportunity to emigrate abroad. A large group of the Hamas leaders abroad have not been in Palestine long enough to drink a glass of water.

"They do not know Palestine. They are the ones detached from reality. In the future, when hopefully the Hamas leaders emerge from where they are [hiding], they will be able to take a tour of Gaza, and the children of Gaza will acquaint them again with the streets that have been erased, and the villages and buildings that have been destroyed.

"Some countries that help us – the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Alegria, and all the Arab countries. What did Iran do to help us? Nothing. They did not send aid, medical equipment, medicine, or anything. It is the Arabs around us that help us, even morally.

So we say to Hamas: keep your decisions patriotic. Incorporate yourselves in the PLO. Support President Mahmoud Abbas and he will get you out of this crisis. Enough with the confrontations. I hope Hamas does not publish any more statements like this one from today, so we will not have to respond to them."

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